Solve complex network design challenges using the unique lane-based SIDRA model

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what is SIDRA intersection


Micro-analytical software used as an aid for the design and evaluation of single intersections and networks of intersections.

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Easily configure and analyse complex Networks

The new version of SIDRA INTERSECTION 9 is here. You can now easily configure and analyse complex networks of up to 50 Sites!

Lane based network model

Unique Lane-Based SIDRA Network Model

Model many different network configurations, including some very complex arrangements with ease, using the lane-based SIDRA model.

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Power of analytical modelling for best roundabout design

The most widely-used software tool in the USA for roundabout capacity and performance analysis.

Powerful new features in SI-9

SIDRA for Environmental Analysis

Environmental assessment in traffic management, design, operations and planning can be conducted using models to estimate fuel consumption and pollutant emissions as a function of traffic conditions.

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Transport and Traffic Modelling for Project Managers

This second edition of the critical review of the Austroads Report AP-R621-20 (revised version published as AP-R647-21) should be of interest to transport and traffic modelling project managers, guide developers and software users.

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Based on 40+ years of leading research

SIDRA INTERSECTION has been a valuable technology transfer tool based on 40+ years of leading research carried out in Australia and elsewhere.

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SIDRA Model Summary

Read a summary of SI-9's powerful SIDRA Model features that allows all intersection types – signals, roundabouts, sign control and pedestrian crossings in one network.



SIDRA API provides a programming interface that enables external applications to communicate with SIDRA INTERSECTION to achieve more.

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User Interface Videos

Watch this series of tutorial videos running through the great new UI features in SIDRA INTERSECTION 9.

SIDRA INTERSECTION 9.0.3 Update has been released. Learn more.