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Add your own time-saving and powerful functionalities to SIDRA INTERSECTION

The SIDRA INTERSECTION Application Programming Interface (API) provides a programming interface that enables external applications to communicate with SIDRA INTERSECTION.

This API provides the following capabilities:

  • extensive programmatic access to the Site / Network input and output data contained in the SIDRA INTERSECTION Project file (extension sip),
  • ability to create a Project file, add a Site / Network / Common Control Group (CCG) / Route, specify geometry data (e.g. add and remove intersection legs and lanes, specify lane configuration and lane disciplines), specify phasing and timing data, and so on, and 
  •  provision for processing a Site or Network (running the program). 

In addition to the API, full access is provided to input and output data that resides in the Project File database (extension sip). This data can be accessed directly via SQL queries. Input and output data structures in the SIDRA INTERSECTION project file were developed for this purpose.

The API assembly can be accessed natively from any .NET Framework (4.7 Minimum) programming language or it can be accessed via classes exposed by COM. The API defines a number of classes / objects which define a simple hierarchy for a SIDRA INTERSECTION Project.

Licence Required

A licensed version of SIDRA INTERSECTION must be installed on a computer before the API can be used. You can purchase this via our online store. Please contact us for any further enquiries.

VOLUMES Excel Application

The VOLUMES utility for SIDRA INTERSECTION 9.1 is a macro-enabled Excel application that allows specification of volumes and related data within the Excel file. It can upload volume data from Excel to the SIDRA INTERSECTION Project file.  It can also process a selected Site in a SIDRA INTERSECTION Project using data given in the Project file or in the Excel file, providing Volume Output, Intersection Output, Movement Output, Lane Output and Pedestrian Output data in Excel sheets. It has facilities to import external volume data from VicRoads and Matrix spreadsheets (Import Data sheet).

Terms for SIDRA API

We provide the SIDRA INTERSECTION API to allow development of programs that link to our software for use under the SIDRA SOLUTIONS software licence agreement.

Our provision of access to the SIDRA INTERSECTION API is a non-exclusive, limited right to access and use the API, and it does not create or imply any partnership, agency, or joint venture. The API is provided as is without any warranties, expressed or implied. In using the SIDRA INTERSECTION API, you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any losses that may result from third-party claims that relate to your use of the API.

The SIDRA INTERSECTION API is updated for each major version of the software. Accordingly, you will need to update your API program to provide a link to the latest version of SIDRA INTERSECTION.

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