NETWORK model level

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Benefits of the NETWORK model

Both 1PC and FLOATING Licence Types allow modelling of Networks.

SIDRA INTERSECTION offers a powerful NETWORK Model:

  • This allows users to model a Network with up to 50 Sites and no limit on the number of Networks modelled.
  • It is recommended for detailed modelling of paired intersections as well as alternative intersections and interchanges.
  • Network Templates make setting up complex intersection and interchange designs easier and less time consuming.

In SIDRA INTERSECTION, modelling of more than two connected Sites is very common, for example, for modelling a road corridor, an interchange with a nearby intersection, a pair of wide-median intersections, and so on.

Network Templates of paired intersections, interchanges and various alternative intersections and interchanges are available in SIDRA INTERSECTION and many of them require a combination of more than two Sites in a Network, e.g. the Restricted Crossing U-Turn (RCUT) Intersection.


In SIDRA INTERSECTION, modelling of more than two connected Sites in a Network requires using a NETWORK model level licence. As the PLUS licence only allows modelling of two connected Sites, we offer PLUS licence holders the ability to upgrade to a NETWORK licence.

All SIDRA INTERSECTION 9.1 PLUS licence holders have the option to upgrade to a NETWORK licence via the Purchase UPGRADE page or by contacting Sales Support.

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