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What is a 1PC Licence?

1PC Licences for SIDRA INTERSECTION are per computer licences (computer based, not network or server based). This means that once it is activated on a computer, it cannot be simultaneously activated on another.

Multiple users can share a single 1PC licence if they do not use the licence at the same time. The software can be installed on multiple devices and the licence can be moved around from one device to another quite easily by activating and deactivating accordingly.

Read support article: Moving your Licence from one computer to another

The PLUS licence allows only two Sites (intersections) to be connected to form a Network.

The NETWORK licence allows up to 50 Sites (intersections) to be connected to form a Network for Professional licences and up to 6 Sites (intersections) for Educational licences.

The "NETWORK" licence type should not be confused with a network-wide software licence. The use of the term "NETWORK" applies to traffic model functionality only.

We offer an ENTERPRISE Licence which allows use of the software in all offices (sites) of the organisation in the country for which the licence is issued. This licence allows the software to be installed on an agreed number of individual computers, including laptops, without need to keep a track of how many computers, or which computers, the software is installed on.

Please complete and submit this form if would like us to contact you to discuss purchasing a SIDRA INTERSECTION 9 / ENTERPRISE Licence for your organisation.

You can easily transfer your 1PC licence. However, licences can only be transferred within the organisation in the country for which the licence is issued.

The following table lists available licences for use with a single computer. A Per Computer (1PC/SINGLE) licence allows installing and using the software on one computer. Once a Per Computer licence has been installed and activated on a computer, it cannot be simultaneously activated on another. The software activation procedures will prevent a Per Computer Licence version of the software from being used on more than one computer.

PLEASE NOTE: 1PC Licences for SIDRA INTERSECTION (PLUS, NETWORK, NETWORK UPGRADE) are per computer licences. The term NETWORK used here does not mean multi-computer or multi-user licence. It refers to the modelling capability (single intersection vs network of intersections) of the software

Table: Licences Per computer
Product Name Category Licence Type
Educational NETWORK/1PC
TRIP Professional SINGLE

The licences are categorised as PROFESSIONAL and EDUCATIONAL. The EDUCATIONAL licence applies to recognised educational institutions. It does not allow the use of SIDRA SOLUTIONS software in any way for commercial gain or profit. This restriction applies to any research under contract for commercial gain, including such research undertaken by educational institutions.

There is no restriction in terms of software capabilities for EDUCATIONAL, however the NETWORK level for EDUCATIONAL licences is restricted to 6 sites as opposed to 20 sites. A separate new PROFESSIONAL Licence must be purchased for use of the software for any professional (non-educational) purposes. Upgrade from EDUCATIONAL licence to PROFESSIONAL Licence is not available.

Terms for Software Licences

The licensing system used for SIDRA SOLUTIONS software products does not allow licence upsizing or downsizing. We will consider your existing licences at our discretion when we prepare quotes for any changes.

We suggest that you discuss your licence needs with our Sales Office

The licensing system used for SIDRA SOLUTIONS software products is set up in such a way that it is easy to add extra licences.

In this licensing system, there is no concept of licence upsizing or downsizing. In the past, we used this concept as part of the "site" licensing method. In the current licensing system, each license is managed individually, and is not directly associated with specific sites of your organisation. As a result, the following situations may arise in relation to your need to make changes to your licences.

  • When you need additional licences, you can simply buy one or more additional licences.
  • When you need to reduce the number of licences, the action to take is simply not to renew your COVER at the expiry time for the licences you no longer need. You can keep using them until the next major version is released. After the release of a new major version, they will effectively be phased out since they will need to be replaced by the purchase of a new licence for the current version.

While licence upsizing or downsizing is not allowed, we may offer a licence replacement service to help the Licensee with licence management that may be needed from time to time. This service will be offered at our discretion and at an hourly service charge rate subject to a minimum fee. The licence replacement process may involve cancelling some of the Licensee's existing licences, and any new licence and COVER costs are additional to the service charge.

We suggest that you discuss your licence needs with our Sales Office

SIDRA Licences can only be used in the country to which the licence was purchased. In the case of multi-national organisations, purchase of additional licences or a special agreement is required for use of the Software in additional countries where the Licensee's organisation has offices.

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