COVER Subscription

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Free technical support and major version releases

COVER is essential support (maintenance) for your software licence. It entitles you to receive free priority technical support and upgrades to major new software version releases.

When purchasing a new licence the initial purchase price includes 12-month free COVER for our software.

Two price tiers are defined as follows:

  • COVER Renewal Before Expiry price applies when renewing COVER before its expiry date.
  • COVER Renewal After Expiry price applies when renewing an existing COVER after its expiry date is more expensive.

The COVER period is 12 months. All software comes with 12 months free COVER and must be renewed on an annual basis in order to maintain COVER for your licence.


  1. Click on this RENEW COVER link and log into your SIDRA STORE account.
  2. Review the list of products eligible for renewal. No products will be listed if you are not eligible to renew products.
  3. Select the products you wish to renew then click ADD TO CART to proceed to the Shopping Cart.

Do not renew your PLUS/1PC COVER if you are about to purchase a NETWORK UPGRADE. The new licence will include FREE 12 month COVER - your new COVER Renewal date will be 12 months from date of purchase of the NETWORK UPGRADE licence. Your PLUS/1PC licence and remaining COVER will be cancelled.

Contact Us if you are having any issues with your COVER renewal.

COVER can only be renewed for the latest version of the software. It is not possible to renew COVER for older versions of the software as we no longer support those versions.

Professional Licences

Professional licences are perpetual. They will continue to work regardless of the COVER status. However, COVER is essential support maintenance for your licence providing free upgrades to major new software versions as well as free and priority technical support.

Educational Licences

At the end of the 12 month period, the software will stop working unless COVER is renewed.

Terms for COVER

The following conditions apply to provision of support services for SIDRA SOLUTIONS software and free upgrades to major versions of the software provided upon payment of a subscription fee (COVER).

  • Unless different arrangements are made during purchase, a 12-month COVER period begins from the purchase date of the licence product.
  • The COVER is associated with the particular software licence product purchased, i.e. it applies per licence product.
  • The COVER renewal period is 12 months from the expiry date of the current COVER in the case of COVER renewal before expiry, or from the COVER renewal date in the case of COVER renewal after expiry.
  • COVER renewal is available for the Current Version of the software product only.
  • There are no upgrades or downgrades of COVER.
  • Technical and licensing support services will be provided for the Current Version of the software product under valid COVER only.
  • COVER benefits include free upgrades to new major versions of the software product released during the COVER period, free licensing support, a reasonable amount of technical support limited to making the software product operate on the Licensee's computer system provided the Licensee’s computer system is compatible with the Software as specified under the SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS pages on this website and is operating in accordance with its specifications, a reasonable amount of support towards the analysis results produced by the software product, and investigation of software processing errors or unexpected results. COVER does not include assistance in the normal use of the software product such as coding of the input.

Technical support is provided for the latest versions of SIDRA SOLUTIONS software products only, and you need to have valid COVER.

COVER includes FREE UPGRADES to major new versions of the software released during the COVER period.

SIDRA SOLUTIONS provides a reasonable amount of technical support to registered users under a COVER agreement. This includes assistance to make the software operate on your computer system, and investigation of example files that fail to run or produce unexpected results. It does not include assistance in the normal use of the software such as coding of input from an intersection plan. SIDRA SOLUTIONS training courses that cover these topics are offered from time to time.

Customers with valid COVER at time of a major software release will be given a free upgrade to the new version. If you have been issued a SIDRA INTERSECTION free upgrade, a new Licence ID number for the new product will be included and is viewable in your STORE ACCOUNT. This new Licence ID number is required to activate your new free upgrade licence.

Version Status

An essential part of the licence management for SIDRA SOLUTIONS software products is the version status.

Two version status levels which will affect the licence purchase and COVER renewal processes are designated as:

  • Current Version - Visit the Store to view the current versions of our software.
  • Old Version - software older than the current version.

As soon as a new major version of the software is released, it becomes the current version with the following consequences:

  • COVER renewal is available for the Current Version only (therefore "valid COVER" is associated with the Current Version only),
  • for Old Version licences, purchase of a new licence and COVER is needed.
Current Version at time of new major release

The licences with valid COVER at the time of the release of a new major version (which becomes the Current Version) will be replaced with a free upgrade licence to the Current Version.

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