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What is an ENTERPRISE Licence?

The ENTERPRISE licence allows use of the software by the employees of the Licensee’s organisation who are employed in offices (sites) at different locations of the organisation in the country for which the licence is issued.

This licence type is available for purchase for SIDRA TRIP only.

The following table lists available ENTERPRISE licences for use across an organisation. This Licence allows use of the software in all offices (sites) of the organisation in the country for which the licence is issued. This licence allows the software to be installed on an agreed number of individual computers, including laptops, without need to keep a track of how many computers, or which computers, the software is installed on.

Table: ENTERPRISE Licences
Product Name Category Licence Type
Educational ENTERPRISE

For licensing purposes, there is no networking requirement, no need to access the internet, and no network traffic required for the use of ENTERPRISE licence. Only one ENTERPRISE licence is issued to the organisation and the software can be installed on individual computers using the same licence. No deactivation - reactivation is needed to uninstall and reinstall the licence on individual computers.

SIDRA SOLUTIONS software licences are non-transferable, they cannot be passed on, rented or leased, or sold to another organisation.

You may purchase an ENTERPRISE Licence for SIDRA TRIP from our Online Store.

Terms for 1PC, SINGLE or ENTERPRISE Licences

1PC, SINGLE or ENTERPRISE Licences can only be used in the country to which the licence was purchased. In the case of multi-national organisations, purchase of additional licences or a special agreement is required for use of the Software in additional countries where the Licensee's organisation has offices.

A 1PC, SINGLE or ENTERPRISE licence continues in perpetuity. However, Old Version 1PC, SINGLE or ENTERPRISE Licences are not supported.

Read: Terms for COVER

As we no longer selling ENTERPRISE licences, if you want to make changes to your ENTERPRISE licence, you will be offered a conversion to the new FLOATING Licence.

We suggest that you discuss your licence needs with our Sales Office

SIDRA INTERSECTION is now available! New in Version 9.1