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Software Trial

A TEMPORARY EVALUATION LICENCE will be issued to allow you to evaluate SIDRA Software for the purpose of purchasing only. It is strictly prohibited to use this licence for any income-generating project or any similar activity. The licence period is 14 days from the date that the licence is issued. The licence will be issued only once.

Special offers and discount codes

We occasionally run limited time special offers for our customers by providing discount codes. These cannot be used in conjunction with any other code, unless specifically stated in the offer.

  • Distribution of codes to other SIDRA users is allowed.
  • Codes do not apply to Educational Licences.

Discount codes must be used in shopping cart to apply. We do not retrospectively apply codes if they were not used in the cart during checkout or after expiration date.


Visit our Special Offers page to view current offers.


COVER is support (maintenance) for your software licence.

The following conditions apply to provision of support services for SIDRA SOLUTIONS software and free upgrades to major versions of the software provided upon payment of a subscription fee (COVER).

  • Unless different arrangements are made during purchase, a 12-month COVER period begins from the purchase date of the licence product.
  • The COVER is associated with the particular software licence product purchased, i.e. it applies per licence product.
  • The COVER renewal period is 12 months from the expiry date of the current COVER in the case of COVER renewal before expiry, or from the COVER renewal date in the case of COVER renewal after expiry.
  • COVER renewal is available for the Current Version of the software product only.
  • There are no upgrades or downgrades of COVER.
  • Technical and licensing support services will be provided for the Current Version of the software product under valid COVER only.
  • COVER benefits include free upgrades to new major versions of the software product released during the COVER period, free licensing support, a reasonable amount of technical support limited to making the software product operate on the Licensee's computer system provided the Licensee’s computer system is compatible with the Software as specified under the SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS pages on this website and is operating in accordance with its specifications, a reasonable amount of support towards the analysis results produced by the software product, and investigation of software processing errors or unexpected results. COVER does not include assistance in the normal use of the software product such as coding of the input.

Free Upgrade at time of major new release

Customers with valid COVER at time of a major software release will be given a free upgrade to the new version. If you have been issued a SIDRA INTERSECTION free upgrade, a new Licence ID number for the new product will be included and is viewable in your STORE ACCOUNT. This new Licence ID number is required to activate your new free upgrade licence.


All Prices are in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS (AUD) and are subject to change. If you are making the payment from outside of Australia, you may wish to use this Currency Converter as an approximate guide only, to see how much the AUD amount will be converted back to. The conversion is made using mid-market rates.

Prices are ex-GST (GST applies to Australian Customers only).

US Government agencies: Payment in US Dollars may be acceptable upon application. This is for US Government agencies only. A service fee will be applicable. Please contact our sales office to find out if you are eligible.


Payment must be made in full before software licence details are sent to you, your COVER is renewed or before a delegates position in a SIDRA workshop can be confirmed.


Please choose the software product and licence type carefully. We do not give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision.

Akcelik and Associates Pty Ltd does not issue refunds except as required under applicable law. Please contact us to discuss any related issues that may arise.


The licensing system used for SIDRA SOLUTIONS software products does not allow licence upsizing or downsizing. We will consider your existing licences at our discretion when we prepare quotes for any changes.

We suggest that you discuss your licence needs with our Sales Office


The licensing system used for SIDRA SOLUTIONS software products is set up in such a way that it is easy to add extra licences.

In this licensing system, there is no concept of licence upsizing or downsizing. In the past, we used this concept as part of the "site" licensing method. In the current licensing system, each license is managed individually, and is not directly associated with specific sites of your organisation. As a result, the following situations may arise in relation to your need to make changes to your licences.

  • When you need additional licences, you can simply buy one or more additional licences.
  • When you need to reduce the number of licences, the action to take is simply not to renew your COVER at the expiry time for the licences you no longer need. You can keep using them until the next major version is released. After the release of a new major version, they will effectively be phased out since they will need to be replaced by the purchase of a new licence for the current version.

While licence upsizing or downsizing is not allowed, we may offer a licence replacement service to help the Licensee with licence management that may be needed from time to time. This service will be offered at our discretion and at an hourly service charge rate subject to a minimum fee. The licence replacement process may involve cancelling some of the Licensee's existing licences, and any new licence and COVER costs are additional to the service charge.

We suggest that you discuss your licence needs with our Sales Office

Global Licence Restriction

SIDRA Licences can only be used in the country to which the licence was purchased. In the case of multi-national organisations, purchase of additional licences or a special agreement is required for use of the Software in additional countries where the Licensee's organisation has offices.