About Us

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Dedicated to the transport profession worldwide

"Our mission is to contribute to the transport profession worldwide for the benefit of the community through contributing to safe, environment-friendly and efficient traffic operations."

Dr Rahmi Akçelik

Our Brand

Under the SIDRA SOLUTIONS brand, our innovative and forward thinking company has created powerful traffic engineering software used by transport professionals in all corners of the globe.

These tools have been created to help achieve better solutions to challenges in the areas of road traffic operations, design, planning and environmental assessment.

SIDRA INTERSECTION is our company's flagship product; an advanced micro-analytical evaluation tool that employs lane-based traffic and vehicle drive cycle models. It is a highly renowned package used for intersection and network capacity, level of service and performance analysis by traffic design, operations and planning professionals. The software is licenced in 87 countries.

SIDRA TRIP is a single trip microsimulation software package for assessing travel level of service, performance (delay, speed, travel time), operating cost, user cost, vehicle fuel consumption, emissions, and noise. It has been developed to help traffic engineers perform real-life traffic and travel assessment tasks with ease and minimum cost.

We support our products with an online support site and ticketing system, video tutorials and global training workshops and presentations.

The success of SIDRA SOLUTIONS products has been built on reputation and career-long achievements of Dr Rahmi Akçelik, who is the company director and author of SIDRA INTERSECTION and SIDRA TRIP. As a result of Dr Akçelik's lifelong contribution to his field, motorists around the world have benefited from the practical application of his research. He has gone the extra mile in training and advising thousands of Australian and international traffic systems professionals.

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