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Use our Licence Selector as a guide to work out what product is right for you and how much it will cost.

You may also visit this page for a list of prices for Licences and COVER.

Pricing for ENTERPRISE or EDUCATIONAL Licences can be discussed directly with us after you apply.

COVER is free for the first 12-months.

Visit this page for a list of prices for Licences and COVER.

Read support articles: COVER (Subscription to Support)


You can purchase a Professional licence online using our Licence Selector.

You will be provided options to add to your shopping cart which you are able to purchase straight away. Options for ENTERPRISE or EDUCATIONAL Licences will lead you to an application form.

We accept payment by credit card (VISA/MasterCard/American Express), direct deposit, and bank cheque/draft.

A list of official SIDRA RESELLERS can be found here. If there is no Reseller in your area, please contact us for assistance.


Upgrade from older versions to the latest version is not available. If you wish to use the latest version of our software, a new licence will need to be purchased.

All PLUS licence holders have the option to upgrade to a NETWORK licence. Log in to your STORE Account and go to the Purchase UPGRADE page to see what licences are available for upgrade.

Once you have purchased an upgrade, the PLUS licence will no longer be available for use as this will be replaced by the NETWORK licence.

Any remaining COVER on your PLUS licence will be cancelled and you will be issued with a new NETWORK licence with 12 months COVER.


1PC Licences for SIDRA INTERSECTION are per computer licences (computer based, not network or server based). This means that once it is activated on a computer, it cannot be simultaneously activated on another.

Multiple users can share a single 1PC licence if they do not use the licence at the same time. The software can be installed on multiple devices and the licence can be moved around from one device to another quite easily by activating and deactivating accordingly.

Read support article: Moving your Licence from one computer to another

The PLUS licence allows only two Sites (intersections) to be connected to form a Network.

The NETWORK licence allows up to 50 Sites (intersections) to be connected to form a Network for Professional licences and up to 6 Sites (intersections) for Educational licences.

The "NETWORK" licence type should not be confused with a network-wide software licence. The use of the term "NETWORK" applies to traffic model functionality only.

We offer an ENTERPRISE Licence which allows use of the software in all offices (sites) of the organisation in the country for which the licence is issued. This licence allows the software to be installed on an agreed number of individual computers, including laptops, without need to keep a track of how many computers, or which computers, the software is installed on.

Please complete and submit this form if would like us to contact you to discuss purchasing a SIDRA INTERSECTION 9 / ENTERPRISE Licence for your organisation.

Read support article: ENTERPRISE Licence

You can easily transfer your 1PC licence. However, licences can only be transferred within the organisation in the country for which the licence is issued.


EDUCATIONAL Licences are available to recognised Educational Institutions for educational and research purposes only. This licence type cannot be used for commercial projects or any income generating activities.

We also offer a SIDRA ACADEMIC PACKAGE consisting of extensive material for Lectures, Tutorials and Student Assignments in the form of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SIDRA INTERSECTION Project files.

STORE Account

Follow the instructions below to reset your password:

If you have any further issues, please contact us for assistance.

Click this link to EDIT CONTACT INFORMATION in your STORE Account.

COVER (Support Subscription)

COVER is essential support (maintenance) for your software licence. It entitles you to receive free upgrades to major new software version releases and priority technical support. COVER can be purchased with the latest version of the software only.

Read support articles: COVER (Subscription to Support)

When purchasing a new licence the initial purchase price includes 12-month free COVER for our software.

Two price tiers are defined as follows:

  • COVER Renewal Before Expiry price applies when renewing COVER before its expiry date.
  • COVER Renewal After Expiry price applies when renewing an existing COVER after its expiry date is more expensive.

The COVER period is 12 months. All software comes with 12 months free COVER and must be renewed on an annual basis in order to maintain COVER for your licence.

COVER can only be renewed for the latest version of the software. It is not possible to renew COVER for older versions of the software as we no longer support those versions.

Read support article: Version Status: How this effects your purchase and COVER

Professional Licences

Professional licences are perpetual. They will continue to work regardless of the COVER status. However, COVER is essential support maintenance for your licence providing free upgrades to major new software versions as well as free and priority technical support.

Educational Licences

At the end of the 12 month period, the software will stop working unless COVER is renewed.

Read support article:
Renewing COVER and re-activation for Educational Licence holders

Technical Support

Contact the SIDRA Team for all technical support, sales support and general enquiries. Our Agents will help answer your questions quickly and efficiently.

You can also read how-to articles on our Support website.

Sign up to SIDRA Support to view and edit your Tickets all in one place.

Sign up to our YouTube channel and watch our extensive software tutorial videos.

Software Trials

A Trial Licence is issued upon request to allow you to evaluate SIDRA INTERSECTION software for the purpose of purchasing only. It is strictly prohibited to use this licence for any income-generating project or any similar activity.

You can apply here for a Trial version of our software. Please enter details which will be used to setup a SIDRA STORE Account as a requirement for the Trial Evaluation.

The licence period is 14 days from the date that the licence is issued. The licence will be issued only once.