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You can visit this page for a list of prices for Licences and COVER.

Pricing for a larger number of users can be discussed by contacting Sales Support.

Pricing for EDUCATIONAL Licences can be discussed directly with us after you submit a request form.

COVER is free for the first 12-months.

Visit this page for a list of prices for Licences and COVER.

Learn more about COVER Subscription


Various Professional and Educational licences are sold for use of our software. A restricted Trial Licence also exists for the purpose of software evaluation towards a licence purchase decision.

COVER Subscription

COVER is essential support (maintenance) for your software licence. It entitles you to receive free upgrades to major new software version releases and priority technical support. COVER can be purchased with the latest version of the software only.

Customers with valid COVER at time of a major software release will be given a free upgrade to the new version. If you have been issued a SIDRA INTERSECTION free upgrade, a new Licence ID number for the new product will be included and is viewable in your STORE ACCOUNT. This new Licence ID number is required to activate your new free upgrade licence.


You can purchase a Professional licence online using our Licence Selector.

You will be provided options to add to your shopping cart which you are able to purchase straight away. Options for FLOATING or EDUCATIONAL Licences will lead you to an application form.

We accept payment by credit card (VISA/MasterCard/American Express), direct deposit, and bank cheque/draft.

A list of official SIDRA RESELLERS can be found here. If there is no Reseller in your area, please contact us for assistance.

For Educators

EDUCATIONAL Licences are available to recognised Educational Institutions for educational and research purposes only. This licence type cannot be used for commercial projects or any income generating activities.

We also offer a SIDRA ACADEMIC PACKAGE consisting of extensive material for Lectures, Tutorials and Student Assignments in the form of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SIDRA INTERSECTION Project files.

STORE Account

Follow the instructions below to reset your password:

If you have any further issues, please contact us for assistance.

Click this link to EDIT CONTACT INFORMATION in your STORE Account.

Technical Support

Contact the SIDRA Team for all technical support, sales support and general enquiries. Our Agents will help answer your questions quickly and efficiently.

You can also read how-to articles on our Support website.

Sign up to SIDRA Support to view and edit your Tickets all in one place.

Sign up to our YouTube channel and watch our extensive software tutorial videos.

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