Easily set up diverse design configurations using our library of SITE and NETWORK Templates

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SITE and NETWORK Templates

SIDRA INTERSECTION provides a large number of SITE and NETWORK Templates. These provide Site and Network data setup for different intersection and network geometry and control conditions that can be used with revisions as required for a particular case.

NETWORK Templates make setting up complex intersection and interchange designs simpler and less time consuming. 

The SITE Templates are accessible via the Add New Site - Site Group Name (Signals, Roundabout, Sign Control, Freeway and Pedestrians) - Select Template command in the Site tab ribbon.

The NETWORK Templates are accessed using the Import command in the Network tab ribbon and selecting the Import from Template option. This will open a dialog for selecting from the templates that are presented in folders named Alternative IntersectionsInterchangesPaired IntersectionsRoundabouts and Staged Crossings.

The NETWORK Templates library includes: 

  • Alternative Intersections
    • Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) - Full and Partial
    • P-Turn
    • Restricted Crossing U-Turn (RCUT) with Independent Signals and with Single Controller
  • Interchanges
    • Divergabout
    • Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI)
    • Double Roundabout Interchange (DRI)
    • Signalised Diamond Interchange (SDI)
    • Unsignalised Diamond Interchange (UDI)
  • Paired Intersections
    • Signalised Roundabout (3-Lane Circulating and 2-Lane Circulating)
    • Wide-Median Intersection
    • Staggered T - Signals (Right - Left and Left - Right)
    • Staggered T - Unsignalised (Right - Left and Left - Right)
  • Roundabouts
    • Double Teardrop Roundabout
    • Roundabout with Signalised Pedestrian Crossings
    • Roundabout with Zebra Pedestrian Crossings
  • Staged Crossings
    • Staged Crossing at Four-Way Intersection
    • Staged Crossing at T-Intersection (3 Types)

NETWORK Template: Partial Continuous Flow Intersection

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Template Examples

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