VOLUMES for SI-9.1

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VOLUMES is an Excel application for SIDRA INTERSECTION 9.1 which allows specification of Volumes and related data within the Excel file, and processes a selected Site in a SIDRA INTERSECTION Project using data given in the Project file or in the Excel file, providing Volume Output, Intersection Output, Movement Output, Lane Output and Pedestrian Output data in Excel sheets. This has been developed in conjunction with SIDRA INTERSECTION API to provide additional capabilities for SIDRA INTERSECTION users.

VicRoads Turning Movement Volume Surveys

VOLUMES can now import external volume data from VicRoads. Department of Transport Victoria provides the VicRoads turning movement volume surveys in a macro-enabled Excel application. This file provides volume data for a large number of intersections.

This excel file can be downloaded by clicking this link

Visit their website page for more information
VicRoads Turning Movement Volume Surveys

Matrix Traffic and Transport Data

VOLUMES can now import external volume data from Matrix spreadsheets. A small selection of Matrix volume survey spreadsheets are available from their website:

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