User interface workflow and output capabilities


Map Extract tool to create new Sites from map data

The new Map Extract tool reduces Site setup time and effort by automatically creating new Sites from freely downloadable OpenStreetMap (OSM) data.

Site, Network & Route Outputs

Various output reports and displays are available in SIDRA INTERSECTION 9.

Site and Network layouts

Improved graphic capabilities that allow you to create more detailed Site and Network layouts for use in reports and presentations.

Extensive output reports and displays

Extensive output reports and displays for better insights into design and operations performance.

User interface for improved workflow

Many new user interface enhancements for improved workflow have been added to SIDRA INTERSECTION 9.

Other software updates

Database improvements, a new licensing method and a VOLUMES utility update for Version 9.

Tutorial Videos: SI-9.1 User Interface

SIDRA INTERSECTION 9.0.3 Update has been released. Learn more