Best roundabout design using powerful analytical modelling


Advanced Software for Roundabouts

SIDRA INTERSECTION is the most advanced software for roundabouts and Version 9 includes many new powerful model features.

Our innovation for Roundabout Metering Signals

We developed a unique method for modelling Roundabout Metering Signals for traffic and transport professionals around the world to solve complex problems for better roundabout operation.

Most widely used software tool in the USA

SIDRA INTERSECTION is the most widely-used software tool in the USA for roundabout capacity and performance analysis.

Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) for SIDRA INTERSECTION

SIDRA INTERSECTION software complements the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) as an advanced intersection and network analysis tool. The Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) Setup in SIDRA INTERSECTION offers options for US Customary and Metric units.

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