Unique Lane-Based Analysis of Intersections and Networks

Aerial photograph of road


Micro-analytical software used as an aid for the design and evaluation of single intersections and networks of intersections.

Realistic traffic analysis of closely spaced intersections requires modelling of driver lane use behaviour. This is lacking in software that use traffic modelling based on lane groups.

SIDRA INTERSECTION is a unique lane-based model that can identify backward spread of congestion, midblock lane changes and unequal approach lane use at closely-spaced intersections. This unique lane-based micro-analytical network model allows analysis of all intersection types– signals, roundabouts, sign control - in one network.

Capacity and performance results presented in detailed output reports and graphical displays provided by SIDRA INTERSECTION help you in assessing the accuracy of your intersection and network models.

Lane use of traffic is a fundamental factor affecting the model estimates of capacity and level of service, delay, queue length, stop rate, fuel consumption and emissions, travel time and network efficiency as well as signal timing results.

SIDRA INTERSECTION has been a valuable technology transfer tool based on 40+ years of leading research carried out in Australia.

Read a brief version history of SIDRA INTERSECTION development.

Read a summary of the powerful SIDRA Model features in SIDRA INTERSECTION.

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