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Release Date: 21 Dec 2022

This is the current release of SIDRA INTERSECTION 9.1.


  • The enhanced gap acceptance capacity model (applying the critical gap and follow-up headway parameters to each Movement Class separately) is now applied for Exit Merge calculations.
  • Improved checking and reporting of input errors for some pedestrian movement timing cases.
  • When using the Output to PDF function, if the specifications for the output PDF filename result in the name of a file that already exists, the user will be presented with a dialog to decide between replacing the existing file or creating a file with a new name.
  • Improvements made to FLOATING Licence sign-in process.
  • Enhanced the installation package to allow installation on some non-Windows computers.
  • Improvements to the User Guide and Help System.
  • Various bug fixes.


Release Date: 02 Nov 2022

This is the first release of SIDRA INTERSECTION 9.1.

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