Upgrade your PLUS Licence today and save 80%

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Limited-time offer

For all PLUS Licence holders

Apply code ‘UPGRADE80’ to save 80%

For a limited time only, upgrade your SIDRA INTERSECTION PLUS Licence(s) at a special low price. The SI-9.1 NETWORK Licence will allow you to utilise the full SIDRA NETWORK model functionalities for your traffic and transport projects – a unique lane-based analytical network model for performance results based on strong traffic research foundations.


Save 80% off the regular price to upgrade to a SIDRA INTERSECTION 9.1 NETWORK Licence. 


The "PLUS Licence" allows only 2 Sites in a Network model whereas the "NETWORK" licence does not have this restriction. Modelling of road corridors, small networks and more complex innovative intersections/interchanges for signalised, sign-controlled and roundabout facilities requires the full NETWORK Model.

Furthermore, the upcoming major release of SIDRA INTERSECTION Version 10 will include extensive advancements to the SIDRA NETWORK Model capabilities including SIDRA MAPS (network configuration using OpenStreetMaps) and SIDRA ASSIGN (a unique new traffic assignment method using the detailed SIDRA NETWORK model).


To enable you to access the full capabilities of the SIDRA NETWORK model in the current and the next major version, for a limited time, we are offering this upgrade. Take advantage of this special and huge discount while it lasts.  

This offer applies to both PLUS 1PC and PLUS FLOATING Licences.

How to Upgrade


The following terms apply to this offer:

  • Upgrading to a NETWORK licence will lead to a nominal increase in COVER renewal price compared to the PLUS licence. 
  • Prices listed in this offer are ex-GST (this tax applies to Australian Customers only).
  • When upgrading from the PLUS to the NETWORK Licence, your COVER expiry date will remain the same.
  • Downsizing back to the PLUS version is not possible.


"NETWORK-level" licence

The "NETWORK-level" licence type should not be confused with a software licence for a computer network! The term "NETWORK" in the licence name means "road network" as it applies to traffic model functionality.

Why Upgrade?

Unique analytical network model for performance results based on strong traffic science foundations

Analytical models for traffic design, operations and planning practice facilitate better knowledge and understanding of the laws that rule traffic movements (as distinct from, but based on, the behaviour of individual vehicles and their relationships) and the interactions of those movements in a complex traffic system. Watching an animation, even if it is a perfect replication of the real-life conditions, does not reveal those laws to a modeller who does not have adequate knowledge based on concepts developed by decades of traffic science.

The SIDRA NETWORK model uses lane-based algorithms for traffic and transport planning, management, design and operations purposes. These algorithms provide extensive performance output for

  • multimodal traffic analysis allowing the modeling of all transport users including pedestrians, cyclists, buses, tram / light rail, cars and freight vehicles,
  • traffic impact assessments,
  • geometric design of roundabout corridors with other types of nearby intersections,
  • efficient operation of traffic signal control systems,
  • environmental assessments and
  • development of balanced Movement and Place solutions.

Benefits of the NETWORK Model

SIDRA INTERSECTION offers a powerful NETWORK Model:

  • This allows users to model a Network with up to 50 Sites and no limit on the number of Networks modelled.
  • It is recommended for detailed modelling of paired intersections as well as alternative intersections and interchanges.
  • Network Templates make setting up complex intersection and interchange designs easier and less time consuming.

How to Upgrade

All SIDRA INTERSECTION 9.1 PLUS licence holders have the option to upgrade to a NETWORK licence via the Purchase UPGRADE page or by contacting Sales Support.

To be able to upgrade, you must

  • have valid COVER for your licence, and
  • if applicable, ensure your PLUS/1PC licence is in a deactivated state.

To upgrade

  • Log in to your STORE Account and view your eligible products on the Purchase UPGRADE
  • Add items to Cart
  • Apply code UPGRADE80 to the cart.

Please contact us directly if you require an invoice.

Support Articles

Please read these articles for detailed instructions related to purchasing an upgrade:


You will be paying for the software licence only, and not for new COVER. Your PLUS 1PC/FLOATING Licence COVER will be converted to NETWORK 1PC/FLOATING Licence COVER with no expiry date change. 

Your next COVER renewal fee will be for your NETWORK 1PC/FLOATING licence.

In order to activate a NETWORK UPGRADE licence enter in the Licence ID and Password into the installed version of SIDRA INTERSECTION software.

Ensure this is the same major version for which you purchased the upgrade.

For example, if you purchased a SIDRA INTERSECTION 9.1 NETWORK UPGRADE, enter your new credentials into the installed version of SIDRA INTERSECTION 9.1. 

Upgrade from older versions to the latest version is not available. If you wish to use the latest version of our software, a new licence will need to be purchased.

Once you have purchased an upgrade, the PLUS licence will no longer be available for use as this will be replaced by the NETWORK licence.

Last Revised: 11 Apr 2024
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