Management of Traffic Modelling - A critique of Austroads Report AP-R621-20, 2nd Edition.

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In response to the detailed critique report entitled Transport Modelling for Project Managers - Critique of AUSTROADS Report AP-R621-20, Austroads carried out a major revision of Report AP-R621-20 and replaced it with Research Report AP-R647-21 (Management of Traffic Modelling Processes and Applications). This second edition of the critique report is prepared in response to the Austroads Report AP-R647-21. It should be of interest to transport and traffic modelling project managers, guide developers and software users.

There have been significant improvements in report AP-R647-21 in removing and clarifying technical aspects of the previous report AP-R621-20 which were criticised. However, the criticised Model Categorisation scheme remains unchanged in the new report. The traffic and transport model categorisation system recommended by the authors of this critique report (based on the geographic extent of the area to be modelled and the purpose of model use) remains current. The criticism of lumping together different software packages into forced model categories also remains. A method is proposed for the assessment of model categories and key model features that apply to individual software packages.

Some detailed technical issues persist including Appendix D that remains unchanged in Report AP-R647-21 with misleading information about the capabilities of different modelling techniques. Sections 3.3 and 4 of this second edition of the critique report presents detailed assessment of changes in Austroads Report AP-R647-21.

For a detailed summary visit:
Transport and Traffic Modelling for Project Managers


AKÇELIK, R., BESLEY, M., ESPADA, I. and NASH, D. (2021). Management of traffic modelling - a critique of Austroads Report AP-R621-20 (Transport modelling for project managers), 2nd Edition. Technical Note. Akcelik & Associates Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia.

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