Version 9.1.4 Update

SIDRA Intersection 9 is here!

new update for SIDRA INTERSECTION has been released. A large number of important enhancements and bug fixes are included.
These include:

  • Warning about zero Free Queue specification is now also given for cases of U-turns before the intersection.
  • In addition to existing dialog messages, a processing diagnostic warning will be given if Pedestrian Movements have been included in the analysis but the Pedestrian Volumes have been left with default values.
  • Short lane and two-segment lane overflow arrow will be shown in grey if the overflow is not applicable to the currently selected movement class.
  • Improved error-checking process during project file saving and backup file creation.
  • A message is now shown during the process of saving a project file, warning the user not to close the program before the process has completed.
  • For the RCUT Network Templates, the folders have been renamed and a more detailed description about the facility is given in the Network Title.
  • The broken (dashed) arrow shown at the last exit in the Route Output Midblock Flows display has been changed to a solid arrow to clarify the extent of the Route.
  • Improvements to User Guide and Help.
  • Various bug fixes.
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