Online Training for the US

SIDRA Intersection 9 is here!

Enhance your understanding of the unique lane-based SIDRA model for Intersections and Networks.

Registrations are now open for new online training for the US in February and March 2022.

Our online training programs have been prepared by Dr Rahmi Akçelik and Mark Besley, the developers of the SIDRA INTERSECTION software. Content has been prepared according to the US Customary software setup of SIDRA INTERSECTION. We are accepting registration in USD for these workshops.


This online training program is offered for traffic and transport professionals and students with any level of experience. It will be of benefit to people interested in the essential concepts of traffic modelling and principles of traffic analysis.


The INTRODUCTION TO SIDRA online training program is offered for people with little or no knowledge of SIDRA. This program will focus on how to use SIDRA INTERSECTION.


Here are some positive comments from delegates who have attended our training.

It was a good experience for the improvement and understanding of the basic and advance concepts of SIDRA. It helps to understand how things works and how to interpret the results. The basic clarification is extremely necessary to find solutions for a particular problem/scenario.

Udit Bhatti
Graduate Traffic Engineer, Traffic Planning Consultants Limited

I was quite impressed with the wide variety of inputs and functions that SIDRA has and how easy it was to pick up - I found myself shooting ahead in the examples by the second module, as I had picked up a feel for how the software works. It was significantly easier to use than other modelling software I have experienced in the past and I'm excited to use it more.

Luke Murphy
Director, Qualis

This course was very well organized and smoothly executed. The hands-on learning aspect gave me a good basic understanding of the software. I had no experience with SIDRA going in and I feel confident that I can now get into the software and apply it to help in the design process.

Becky Conn
Civil Engineer, TCPW