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We have been running highly successful SIDRA online training workshops. Here are some positive comments from delegates who have attended INTRODUCTION TO SIDRA.

This training course has provided me with a series of excellent real world example which have developed practical skills in traffic modelling.

Louis Todd

I appreciated the hands approach via virtual desktop. Being able to follow along with the presenter on my own machine gave me confidence to work independently.

Dominic Zwolak
Civil Engineer, DIT

SIDRA is very user friendly, versatile and powerful modelling software from my brief introduction over the last few days. The information was generally presented at a good pace for new and more experienced users. Overall, a very useful training session.

Aidan Hogan
Senior Engineer, TMR

SIDRA SOLUTIONS software is a powerful tools in traffic modelling. I would recommend it for traffic engineers and traffic agencies to have a go with it and obtain the software.

Mahgoub Aburas
Director, Dagalu Multi Activities in Sudan

Great training. Will recommend to anyone involved in Traffic Engineering.

Allan Ipe
Project Development Engineer, Department of Transport

I was quite impressed with the wide variety of inputs and functions that SIDRA has and how easy it was to pick up - I found myself shooting ahead in the examples by the second module, as I had picked up a feel for how the software works. It was significantly easier to use than other modelling software I have experienced in the past and I'm excited to use it more.

Luke Murphy
Director, Qualis

Good course to gain basic understanding of the software.

Shaun Booth
Civil Engineer, Trinity Engineering and Consulting

It was a very informative session. The worked examples helped a lot.

Mohd Nazifa
Traffic Modeller Support, Mainroads

This course was very well organized and smoothly executed. The hands on learning aspect gave me a good basic understanding of the software. I had no experience with SIDRA going in and I feel confident that I can now get into the software and apply it to help in the design process.

Becky Conn
Civil Engineer, TCPW

This training was helpful in understanding the basic concepts of SIDRA and provides knowledge and skills to set up and model intersections.

Raja Matharu
Traffic and Transport Engineer, Melton City Council

Very useful training to understand consultants' report

Mohammad Sikder
Development and Traffic Engineer, Macedon Ranges Shire Council

I was very impressed by the exceptional user experience provided by the SIDRA software. The software is intuitive and the support documentation is well presented.

Luke Foley
Principal Engineer, CEI Design

This training was thorough and gave me the hands on experience to feel confident using the software in the future.

Becky Conn
Civil Engineer, TCPW
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