Alternative Intersection Analysis Using SIDRA INTERSECTION

Aerial photograph of road


Alternative intersection and interchange treatments used in the USA and other countries include Diverging (Double Crossover) Diamond Interchange, Displaced Left-Turn Intersection, Median U-Turn Intersection, Restricted Crossing U-Turn Intersection, and Continuous Flow Intersection. This presentation discusses the modelling of alternative intersections and interchanges in the SIDRA INTERSECTION software. Some useful resources on this subject are given, SIDRA INTERSECTION network modelling features enabling analysis of alternative intersections are introduced, and examples of Diverging Diamond Interchange and Continuous Flow Intersection are given. Performance characteristics of three interchange types, namely a Diverging Diamond Interchange, a traditional Signalised Diamond Interchange and a Roundabout Interchange are compared in an example.


AKÇELIK, R. and BESLEY, M. (2015). Alternative Intersection Analysis Using SIDRA INTERSECTION. Presentation at the ITEANZ Innovative Intersections Seminar, Melbourne, Australia, Nov 2015.

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