Empowering Traffic Engineering Professionals

Australia Brisbane, city streets and traffic

Brisbane, Australia, 11-14 July 2023

SIDRA SOLUTIONS, innovator in advanced traffic engineering software, recently conducted a training workshop series in Brisbane, Australia, reaffirming its commitment to enhancing industry expertise.

The workshops were held at Cliftons and were led by Mark Besley and Ian Espada, senior staff members at SIDRA SOLUTIONS.

The workshops were well attended, with more than 20 participants engaging actively in various sessions. Serving as a testament to the industry's thirst for knowledge and skill development, the workshops were curated to offer participants a rich learning experience, augmenting their proficiency in critical areas of transportation engineering.

Designed as a progression from previous Intermediate and Advanced workshop programs, these workshops introduced substantial new material. The first 3-Day Training Workshop was structured into three modules targeting specific skills: Traffic Signals, Roundabouts & Sign Control, and Network Modelling.  A new workshop aimed at Project Managers and Reviewers was presented on the fourth day.

Computer systems running the latest version of the software were provided and attendees had the opportunity to practise the skills learned.  In-depth descriptions of many advanced topics within the software were given.  The first three days were focused on use of the software and were ideal for people who had experience with SIDRA use or who had attended the Introduction to SIDRA online training. The fourth day was aimed at people whose main tasks involve review of reports generated by SIDRA, but there was still an opportunity to use the software in order to understand its capabilities towards producing required output reports.

Good attendance and positive feedback from those attending indicated that these workshops were successful and met user needs.  These workshops mark a successful return to face-to-face training from SIDRA SOLUTIONS. It is planned to continue this program of workshops in Australian capital cities in addition to the online training which is available regularly.

Mark Besley, Brisbane July 2023
Mark Besley, Brisbane July 2023
Ian Espada, Brisbane July 2023
Ian Espada, Brisbane July 2023
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