Traffic Signals: Capacity and Timing Analysis

Aerial photograph of road


This report presents techniques for the analysis of capacity and timing requirements of traffic at signalised intersections. Its purpose is to both provide methods that can be used by the traffic engineer for detailed geometric and operational design of signalised intersections and to also explain their background to help traffic engineering students develop a better understanding of the subject. The methods given in this report follow the basic framework established in earlier publications which have influenced the Australian and U.K. signal design practices. The present report introduces several changes to the traditional techniques, a basic change being from phase-related methods to movement-related methods. After the publication of this report, the SIDRA computer program was developed as a design and research aid to implement the techniques described in the report.


AKÇELIK, R. (1981). Traffic Signals: Capacity and Timing Analysis. Research Report ARR No. 123. Australian Road Research Board, Vermont South, Australia. (7th reprint: 1998)

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