Roundabout Studies in Kansas

Aerial photograph of road


In 1997, the City of Manhattan installed the first roundabout in the state of Kansas State University research team conducted a field study of the operation of the roundabout. Comparison to similar traffic flows at stop-controlled intersections were made. Using the measured field conditions as a starting point, the SIDRA computer model was used to evaluate a range of traffic conditions. SIDRA was used to replicate field conditions to test the roundabout and comparable two-way stop intersection operation at increasing traffic levels. The results of the roundabout and comparable intersection operations are compared. The comparison yields information usable by other jurisdictions when evaluating traffic control options. The methodology should be valuable for any community desiring to consider roundabouts as a viable, cost-effective intersection traffic control device.


RUSSELL, E. R., LUTTRELL, G. and RYS, M. (2002). Roundabout Studies in Kansas. 4th Transportation Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, Montreal.

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