Progress in Fuel Consumption Modelling for Urban Traffic Management

Aerial photograph of road


Research Report ARR No. 124 collects together four papers presented at an ARRB Seminar on Fuel Consumption Modelling in 1981, as well as two subsequent papers. The objective of the Seminar was to focus on the issue of fuel consumption modelling and data needs for urban traffic management purposes. The first paper (Part 1) specifies the general requirements of a fuel consumption model which is compatible with other elements of the traffic system analysis process. It then discusses an elemental model of fuel consumption. In Parts 2 and 3, the elemental model is discussed in more detail and the Positive Kinetic Energy (PKE) model is explored. In Part 4, problems associated with fuel consumption measurement are discussed. The elemental and the PKE models are then discussed in detail and criticism of the elemental model is provided. In Part 5, the authors of the four previous papers present a joint statement of the resolution of differences in the approaches adopted by them for developing simple fuel consumption models. It is shown that, subject to various simplifications and an unexplained term, the elemental and PKE models are very similar. In the last paper (Part 6), results of further studies are reported which answer some of the questions raised in previous parts of the report.


AKÇELIK, R. (1983). Progress in Fuel Consumption Modelling for Urban Traffic Management. Research Report ARR No. 124. Australian Road Research Board, Vermont South, Australia.