Guide to Fuel Consumption Analysis for Urban Traffic Management

Aerial photograph of road


A substantial set of analysis techniques exist for the consideration of fuel consumption in urban traffic management.  This report provides a guide to assist the traffic manager in selecting techniques which are appropriate to the various traffic management contexts, and presents a comprehensive guide to the use of techniques for fuel consumption analysis in urban traffic systems. Fuel consumption models of four levels of detail are described and numerical examples are given to illustrate their use. These are an energy-related instantaneous fuel consumption model, a four-mode elemental (modal) model, a running speed model and an average speed model. These fuel consumption models are inter-related, forming part of the same modelling framework and the vehicle parameters are explicit at all model levels.


BOWYER, D.P., AKÇELIK, R. and BIGGS, D.C. (1985). Guide to Fuel Consumption Analysis for Urban Traffic Management. Special Report SR No. 32. ARRB Transport Research Ltd, Vermont South, Australia.

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