Acceleration and Deceleration Models

Aerial photograph of road


Modelling of acceleration and deceleration distances and times associated with speed change cycles under normal driving conditions is essential for the analysis of operating cost, fuel consumption and pollutant emissions, as well as for determining geometric, stopped and queuing components of overall delay. Similarly, modelling of acceleration and deceleration characteristics of individual vehicles is a key issue in relation to the accuracy of microsimulation models. This paper describes the acceleration and deceleration models used in the aaSIDRA (SIDRA INTERSECTION) software for intersection analysis, and emphasises the research needs for better model calibration considering different vehicle types, specific traffic facilities, different traffic demand levels, different road types, and a wide range of initial and final speeds.


AKÇELIK, R. and BESLEY, M. (2001). Acceleration and Deceleration Models. Paper presented at the 23rd Conference of Australian Institutes of Transport Research (CAITR 2001), Monash University, Melbourne. Revised version. 11 Jul 2002.

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