SI-9 Update Released

Aerial photograph of road

An important update for SIDRA INTERSECTION 9 has been released.

Version No:
Release Date: 16 July 2020

This update includes

  • Significant improvements to the User Guide and Help System.
  • Improved access to Map Extract User Guide.
  • Displayed timings for vehicle and pedestrian movements were introduced in the Movement Timing display including presentation of timings reduced due to Pedestrian Actuation, Minor Phase Actuation and Phase Frequency specifications. 
  • Set better phase sequence names when Map Extract and Site Convert are used.
  • Improvements to Network Diagnostics.
  • Improved method for specifying range limits for User Speed Efficiency in the Network Data dialog, Settings tab.
  • Extra Phase Sequence options added to Signalised Diamond Interchange Network Templates.
  • Arrows in Network Project Tree remain visible regardless of mouse cursor position to assist users to identify which Networks have Routes defined.
  • New functions introduced in API for removing Site / Network / Route Output data.
  • The improved display visualises the timing data in the Timing Analysis and Pedestrian Analysis reports.
  • Improvements to various output reports.
  • Improved reporting of continuous movements and lanes in the Roundabout Analysis Report and in Roundabout tables in the Detailed Output.
  • Improvements to Site Layout pictures.
  • Improvements to some error messages.
  • Set a consistent lower limit of 0.1 for all End Departures and Minimum Capacity parameters in the program.
  • Python Sample Programs modified so that they will work when both Version 8 and Version 9 are installed on the one computer.
  • Improved folder browsing in the Output to PDF dialog.
  • Many more enhancements and various bug fixes.
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