Displayed signal timings for vehicle and pedestrian movements

Aerial photograph of road

SIDRA INTERSECTION Version 9.02 has a large number of enhancements and bug fixes. A useful feature added in this update is the option to show "displayed signal timings" for vehicle and pedestrian movements in the Movement Timing display. These are signal timings (red, green, yellow, flashing don't walk) as drivers see them as opposed to "effective timings" used in performance calculations. The improved display visualises the timing data given in tables included in the Timing Analysis and Pedestrian Analysis reports (see image below). Blue box in the timing bar indicates the effect of pedestrian actuation or minor phase actuation for vehicles.

Learn more: Outputs and Displays in SI-9

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Dr Rahmi Akçelik


Movement Timing - Displayed Timings
(New in Version 9.02)

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