Version 9.1.3 Update

SIDRA Intersection 9 is here!

A new update for SIDRA INTERSECTION has been released. A large number of important enhancements and bug fixes are included.


  • A change was made to the way that user-given phase frequency is applied to minimum required times in cases where phase times are not specified. If the program estimate was 100% (usually due to some movements not being actuated) and 100% is user specified, the minimum required times are not changed.
  • Movement Displays for Queue, Queue Distance and Queue Storage Ratio will show a green (rather than grey) colour for continuous movements in cases where there is no queue extending from downstream. The legend for these displays has been improved to provide better explanation for the grey colour.
  • When a Capacity Adjustment value of zero is applied as specified by the user (option checked for Network analysis), the Approach and Lane Displays will show a grey colour instead of green in Network output. This indicates that the user value is applied although no adjustment is being made to the capacity.
  • Width of pop-up boxes in Movement Displays has been reduced to minimise overlapping.
  • Restrictions in the Lane Geometry and Pedestrians dialogs related to continuous Lane Control and specification of Pedestrian Movements have been removed. These dialogs now work in the same way as they did in Version 9.0.
  • Dialog Messages will be given if Pedestrian Movements have been included in the analysis but the Pedestrian Volumes have been left with default values.
  • User Reports are now blocked in cases where a Site or Network has not been processed.
  • Improvements to some diagnostic messages.
  • Improvements to User Guide and Help.
  • Improvements to Layout Pictures.
  • Improvements to installation process, particularly in relation to FLOATING licences.
  • Various bug fixes.
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