Critical review of Austroads Report AP-R621-20

Aerial photograph of road

We have published a critical review of the Austroads Report AP-R621-20 (Building Transport Modelling Management Capability). This should be of interest to project managers, modelling guide developers and modellers using analytical and simulation software for transport and traffic modelling.

The purpose of the Austroads report is to develop guidance to assist managers of modelling projectsThe review recommends that Austroads undertakes a major revision of this report to address the fundamental issues and some technical details raised in this review. Such a revision would rectify the inconsistencies in the model categorisation scheme and its implications for model choice. The review also suggests corrections to a large number of incomplete discussions and errors in technical details pertaining to analytical and simulation modelling for intersections and networks.

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AKÇELIK, R., BESLEY, M., ESPADA, I. and NASH, D. (2020). Transport modelling for project managers - a critique of Austroads Report AP-R621-20. Technical Note. Akcelik & Associates Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia. 

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