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After carefully assessing the ongoing situation in Australia with Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we have made the decision to defer our April/May workshops to the second half of 2020. We feel that this is the best course of action for the health and wellbeing of our clients and the community at large.


SIDRA Training Workshop Program

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The following SIDRA INTERSECTION Workshops are open for registration via Eventbrite. Be quick, some early bird ticket discounts are available for a limited time and limited allocation.


06 Aug 2020 – MODEL FUNDAMENTALS One-Day Workshop
07 Aug 2020 – BEGINNER One-Day Workshop

10 Aug 2020 – VERSION 9 UPDATE Workshop

11 Aug 2020 – INTERMEDIATE Two-Day Workshop
13 Aug 2020 – ADVANCED Two-Day Workshop


10 Sep 2020 – MODEL FUNDAMENTALS One-Day Workshop
11 Sep 2020 – BEGINNER One-Day Workshop

18 Sep 2020 – VERSION 9 UPDATE Workshop

14 Sep 2020 – INTERMEDIATE Two-Day Workshop
16 Sep 2020 – ADVANCED Two-Day Workshop


22 Oct 2020 – MODEL FUNDAMENTALS One-Day Workshop
23 Oct 2020 – BEGINNER One-Day Workshop

26 Oct 2020 – INTERMEDIATE Two-Day Workshop
28 Oct 2020 – ADVANCED Two-Day Workshop

30 Oct 2020 – VERSION 9 UPDATE Workshop


12 Nov 2020 – MODEL FUNDAMENTALS One-Day Workshop
13 Nov 2020 – BEGINNER One-Day Workshop

16 Nov 2020 – INTERMEDIATE Two-Day Workshop
18 Nov 2020 – ADVANCED Two-Day Workshop

20 Nov 2020 – VERSION 9 UPDATE Workshop


The content lists for the SIDRA workshops are given in the following PDF files:

MODEL FUNDAMENTALS – The SIDRA MODEL FUNDAMENTALS Workshop is offered for SIDRA INTERSECTION users with all levels of experience and those who want to learn how to use SIDRA INTERSECTION for the first time. It will be of benefit to traffic and transport professionals and students interested in the essential concepts of traffic modelling and principles of traffic analysis. This one-day workshop will focus on traffic variables, concepts and principles that need to be understood for effective intersection and network modelling from a practical perspective using an analytical software tool such as SIDRA INTERSECTION. These traffic variables are of importance in preparing input, interpreting output, and calibrating the model for best representation of real-life traffic conditions.

SIDRA_MODEL FUNDAMENTALS_One-Day Workshop Contents_2020.pdf

BEGINNER – The BEGINNER Workshop is offered for people with no knowledge of SIDRA INTERSECTION. This one-day workshop will focus on the use of the basic aspects of the SIDRA INTERSECTION software including general aspects of the user interface, input data entry and a reasonable level of output familiarity.

SIDRA_BEGINNER_One-Day Workshop Contents_2020.pdf

INTERMEDIATE – The INTERMEDIATE Workshop is offered for people who have a moderate level of familiarity with SIDRA INTERSECTION, or people who will register for the BEGINNER Workshop at the same time. This two-day workshop will focus on effective application of the SIDRA INTERSECTION software to intersection and network analysis problems covering intermediate aspects of the use of SIDRA INTERSECTION, including a good level of output interpretation. The INTERMEDIATE Workshop aims to achieve a fairly high level of use of SIDRA INTERSECTION.

SIDRA_INTERMEDIATE_Two-Day Workshop Contents_2020.pdf

ADVANCED – The ADVANCED Workshop is offered for users with a good knowledge of the SIDRA INTERSECTION software, or people who will register for the INTERMEDIATE workshop at the same time. This two-day workshop is a high level workshop that will focus on the use of advanced procedures to model intersections and networks and to analyse some complicated cases of practical importance. 

SIDRA_ADVANCED_Two-Day Workshop Contents_2020.pdf

SIDRA INTERSECTION VERSION 9 UPDATE – The VERSION 9 UPDATE Workshop is offered for users with a knowledge of earlier versions of the SIDRA INTERSECTION software. The objective of this one-day workshop is to provide a comprehensive presentation on the new features of SIDRA INTERSECTION 9 for intersection and network analysis to enable the use of this major new version effectively. The workshop is set with examples based on the SIDRA Standard Left-Hand software setup with metric units.

VERSION 9_UPDATE Workshop Contents_2020.pdf


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