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SIDRA Training Workshops in Australia

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The following SIDRA INTERSECTION workshops are now open for registration and are the last workshops for 2018.

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26 Nov 2018 - SIDRA API Workshop

27-28 Nov 2018 - INTERMEDIATE Workshop [TE026]
29-30 Nov 2018 - ADVANCED Workshop [TE027]


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SIDRA API Workshop

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26 November 2018
Saxons, Melbourne CBD

Registration: $90
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Write your own API add-ons to increase
efficiency in using SIDRA INTERSECTION

SIDRA SOLUTIONS is hosting a half-day workshop to facilitate improved use of the SIDRA API.

The Application Programming Interface for SIDRA INTERSECTION (SIDRA API) provides a programming interface that enables external applications to communicate with the software. API programs enhance the benefits users can attain from their use of SIDRA INTERSECTION significantly.


This workshop will include presentations on a number of practical SIDRA API program examples:

  • AIMSUN NEXT: Dave Keenan and Mohammad Saifuzzaman, Aimsun Pty Ltd
  • TRACKS: Grant Smith, Transportation and Traffic Systems Ltd
  • EMME and DYNAMEQ: Paul van den Bos, Freelance Transport Modeller
  • VOLUMES and SIDRA BATCH: Mark Besley and Harry Cai, SIDRA SOLUTIONS


The SIDRA API enables:

  • full programmatic access to the Site and Network input and output data contained in the SIDRA INTERSECTION Project file,
  • creating a Project file, adding a Site / Network / Common Control Group (CCG) / Route, specifying geometry data (e.g. adding and removing intersection legs and lanes, specifying lane configuration and lane disciplines), specifying phasing and timing data, and so on, and
  • processing a Site or Network without opening the program interface.

More information on the SIDRA API can be found at

Event Details:

Monday 26 November 2018.
Saxons Training Facilities, Level 8, 500 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000.
Registration: $90.
Click here to register via Eventbrite
Afternoon tea will be provided. 


1.00 pm - Arrive
1.30 pm - Welcome by Rahmi Akçelik
1.45 pm - Using API for SIDRA INTERSECTION 8 by Mark Besley
2.00 pm - Presentations of practical SIDRA API examples
3.00 pm - Afternoon Tea
3.20 pm - Discussion on API development
3.50 pm - Discussion on user needs
4.20 pm - Workshop evaluation and closing
4.30 pm - End of SIDRA API Workshop

Please note, program may be subject to change.




Dr Rahmi Akçelik is a leading scientist and software developer with 40 years of practical, research and training experience in the area of road traffic operations, traffic engineering, management and control. He is the author of the SIDRA INTERSECTION and SIDRA TRIP software packages.


Mark Besley is a scientist and software specialist who has worked in the traffic management area since 1980s. He has been making a significant contribution to the development of the SIDRA INTERSECTION software in collaboration with Dr Rahmi Akçelik.


Harry Cai is a Software Engineer at SIDRA SOLUTIONS. He completed Master of Applied IT and Master of IT (Minor Thesis) degrees at Monash University. He contributes to the development and support of SIDRA SOLUTIONS software products.


Dave Keenan is the Region Director, Business Development of Aimsun Pty Ltd for Asia, Australia, New Zealand. He will present some use cases and the workflow to link SIDRA with Aimsun Next, demonstrating how this interface works with a hands-on example.


Grant Smith is the Director of Transportation and Traffic Systems Ltd. He is the developer and owner of TRACKS, a land use and transport modelling system software package. He will present the new TRACKS-LITE package that links the SIDRA INTERSECTION traffic model with a TRACKS transport model.


Paul van den Bos is a Freelance Transport Modeller with 30 years of traffic and transport modelling. He will present his experience with linking SIDRA INTERSECTION with EMME and DYNAMEQ transport planning and simulation packages.


SIDRA Workshops Summary

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The following is a summary of the different types of SIDRA INTERSECTION Workshops that are currently available. A full description for each individual workshop is given on Eventbrite.

MODEL FUNDAMENTALS – The SIDRA MODEL FUNDAMENTALS Workshop is offered for SIDRA INTERSECTION users with all levels of experience and those who want to learn how to use SIDRA INTERSECTION for the first time. It will be of benefit to traffic and transport professionals and students interested in the essential concepts of traffic modelling and principles of traffic analysis. This one-day workshop will focus on traffic variables, concepts and principles that need to be understood for effective intersection and network modelling from a practical perspective using an analytical software tool such as SIDRA INTERSECTION. These traffic variables are of importance in preparing input, interpreting output, and calibrating the model for best representation of real-life traffic conditions.

BEGINNER – The BEGINNER Workshop is offered for people with no knowledge of SIDRA INTERSECTION. This one-day workshop will focus on the use of the basic aspects of the SIDRA INTERSECTION software including general aspects of the user interface, input data entry and a reasonable level of output familiarity.

INTERMEDIATE – The INTERMEDIATE Workshop is offered for people who have a moderate level of familiarity with SIDRA INTERSECTION, or people who will register for the BEGINNER Workshop at the same time. This two-day workshop will focus on effective application of the SIDRA INTERSECTION software to intersection and network analysis problems covering intermediate aspects of the use of SIDRA INTERSECTION, including a good level of output interpretation. The INTERMEDIATE Workshop aims to achieve a fairly high level of use of SIDRA INTERSECTION.

ADVANCED – The ADVANCED Workshop is offered for users with a good knowledge of the SIDRA INTERSECTION software, or people who will register for the INTERMEDIATE workshop at the same time. This two-day workshop is a high level workshop that will focus on the use of advanced procedures to model intersections and networks and to analyse some complicated cases of practical importance. The latest SIDRA INTERSECTION Version 8 will be used in this workshop.

SIDRA API Workshop – This is a half-day workshop for people who are interested in learning more about API (Application Programming Interface) for SIDRA INTERSECTION. This includes an introduction to using API for SIDRA INTERSECTION 8, demonstration and discussion on sample software using C#, VBA, C++ and Python, presentation on the popular VOLUMES application and discussion on User Needs.

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We are now using Eventbrite for Workshop registrations!

How to buy tickets and information about the registration process:

  • The quickest way to secure your seat is to register and pay online via the Eventbrite website.
  • You can also pay for and register other delegates during the shopping cart process.
  • Tickets are available right up until the date listed on Eventbrite or until they run out.
  • Upon completion of the process, the registration details will be sent to the email address you provided.
  • If you register other delegates, they will be emailed with their ticket and event details.

Registration required for each workshop

Separate registration is required for different SIDRA workshops. For instance, if you would like to attend both the MODEL FUNDAMENTALS and BEGINNER workshops, you are required to register for these two workshops separately via Eventbrite.

Cancellation Policy

Registration fees are non-refundable. Another delegate may be substituted for the same workshop free of charge. Transfer between workshops is not allowed unless another delegate is substituted and there is a position available in the required workshop.


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