About Workshops

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Enhance your understanding of the unique lane-based SIDRA model for Intersections and Networks

We are conducting SIDRA Training Workshops which will greatly improve your skills in using SIDRA INTERSECTION and enhance your understanding of the important features of this powerful lane-based software.

A good understanding of traffic operations at intersections is essential for effective use of traffic models for intersection design and traffic planning purposes. Model calibration is an important element of this process. The SIDRA INTERSECTION workshops are not just about intersection analysis, but aim to improve general understanding of operational analysis of all traffic facilities.

Explore the power of analytical modelling to find solutions to your intersection and network problems!

This is an interactive learning opportunity with hands-on computer experience, working together with instructors through many examples and case studies.

We also have representatives who run training workshops in other countries. They are supported by Akcelik & Associates for providing up to date training programs.