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We have been running highly successful SIDRA online training workshops. Here are some positive comments from delegates who have attended SIDRA MODEL FUNDAMENTALS.

Provided an excellent way to get up to speed with the theory behind transport modeling. Creates a solid foundation for further learning in the Transportation Modeling space

Jacques Du Preez
Transport Modeller, Tauranga City Council

It was a good module in teaching some of the fundamentals of traffic flow and how SIDRA operates

Digby Gosden
Designer (Electrical), Transport and Main Roads - Qld

A great course that captures the core of Traffic/Transport Engineering and the value that SIDRA brings as a tool.

Jeffrey Huang
Graduate Engineer, Transport for Main Roads

This training helped me to understand the essential fundamental concepts of traffic modelling.

Ashish Baral
Albury City, Traffic Operations Officer

The course was well articulated and will be useful in daily life applications of Traffic Engineering solutions.

Tosin Faniran
Senior Engineer, Department of Transport and Main Roads

Instructors were very knowledgeable on the topics they presented.

Steven Nguyen
Traffic Engineering Officer, Transport for NSW

Lecturers have excellent knowledge and experience on the topic and content is explained well.

Adam Urszulak
Engineering Specialist, Campbelltown City Council

Course was delivered in a very efficient manner with handouts, and instructions prior to course. presenters were very good, This course has helped me understand traffic modelling, processes and assumptions that are made and will help me in my work.

Ishor Gurung
Senior Development Assessment Engineer, Mackay Regional Council

So far the training was good for me as I recently started using SIDRA for traffic impact assessment. I would highly recommend to go for it if anyone is in this field.

Arfanara Najnin
Transport Modeller, Uloth and Associates

Excellent training course for reinforcing the traffic flow fundamentals

Revash Dookhi
Chief Civil Engineer - Traffic Engineering, Ethekwini Municipality

The course was engaging and I learned a lot about traffic modelling fundamental concepts.

Adam Dare
Project Development Engineer, Department of Transport

It was a good experience for the improvement and understanding of the basic and advance concepts of SIDRA. It helps to understand how things works and how to interpret the results. The basic clarification is extremely necessary to find solutions for a particular problem/scenario.

Udit Bhatti
Graduate Traffic Engineer, Traffic Planning Consultants Limited

Very informative and well delivered. The course provides a good insight into traffic engineering fundamentals and explains some of the default settings in SIDRA discussing how and why it was designed this way

Ashley Schalken
Traffic Engineer, Transmax

I really enjoyed the exercises after each topic. It really helped in better understanding of how to use the tables and formulas together.

Mohd Nazifa
Traffic Modeller Support, Mainroads

The content taught delves into the mechanics of SIDRA and the theories behind traffic modelling which is helpful for a traffic engineer.

Pearce Javat
Graduate Engineer, Main Roads Western Australia

This course provided me with a lot of valuable information about what SIDRA does in the background. For my understanding of traffic modelling I found this quite valuable.

Richard Drummond
Consulting Traffic Engineer, Transmax

This training helped me to understand the essential concepts of traffic modelling.

Sara Hu
Traffic Engineer, Ason Group

Very useful, recommend for someone assessing large development proposal.

Mohammad Sikder
Development and Traffic Engineer, Macedon Ranges Shire Council
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