This online training program is offered for traffic and transport professionals and students with any level of experience. It will be of benefit to people interested in the essential concepts of traffic modelling and principles of traffic analysis.

This program has been prepared by Dr Rahmi Akçelik, a leading scientist and software developer with 50 years of practical, research and training experience in the area of road traffic operations, traffic engineering, management and control.

Key Focus

This training will focus on traffic variables, concepts and principles that need to be understood for effective intersection and network modelling from a practical perspective using an analytical software tool such as SIDRA INTERSECTION. These traffic variables are of importance in preparing input, interpreting output, and calibrating the model for best representation of real-life traffic conditions.

The knowledge gained at this online training will be useful generally in the use of all traffic and transport modelling software tools.

General Information

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Units and displays in presentations and exercises will be configured according to region. These are based on:

  • SIDRA Standard Left software setup using Left-Hand traffic rule and Metric units.
  • SIDRA Standard Right software setup using Right-Hand traffic rule and Metric units.
  • SIDRA US HCM software setup using Right-hand traffic rule and US Customary units.

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Understanding fundamental concepts and principles for effective intersection and network modelling

"A good understanding of traffic operations is essential for effective use of traffic models for intersection and network design, performance assessment and transport planning purposes. Model calibration is an important element of this process. SIDRA Training is not just about intersection and network analysis, but aims to improve general understanding of operational analysis of all traffic facilities."

Dr Rahmi Akçelik


Here are some positive comments from delegates who have attended our SIDRA MODEL FUNDAMENTALS online training program.

It was a good experience for the improvement and understanding of the basic and advance concepts of SIDRA. It helps to understand how things works and how to interpret the results. The basic clarification is extremely necessary to find solutions for a particular problem/scenario.

Udit Bhatti
Graduate Traffic Engineer, Traffic Planning Consultants Limited

Instructors are very knowledgeable and any questions were answered in real-time by the SIDRA team during the course. Provides a strong foundational overview of traffic engineering with background information on SIDRA default settings.

Ashley Schalken
Traffic Engineer, Transmax

The content taught delves into the mechanics of SIDRA and the theories behind traffic modelling which is helpful for a traffic engineer.

Pearce Javat
Graduate Engineer, Main Roads Western Australia
SIDRA INTERSECTION is now available! New in Version 9.1