Delegate Testimonials

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We have been running highly successful SIDRA training workshops. Here are some positive comments from delegates who have attended in the past.


I found this workshop to be excellent value! Really improved my knowledge of the capabilities of SIDRA and how to better apply the functions to specific / unique situations.
Excellent material, well presented so it was easy to understand.
Great class! Liked that it was hands on, presenters were excellent, answered all questions went around and were very helpful to everyone. Pace was right on! Would recommend to anyone who needs to learn about roundabouts and anyone who needs to brush up on the subject. Look forward to future SIDRA SOLUTIONS classes.
Excellent well-presented course. I learnt a lot more than I expected out of a two-day course.
The course has provided me with some valuable insight and explanation in regards to the interpretation of results. This will ensure that our office will make better use of the software package, providing more accurate results for our clients.
Excellent all round. Valuable workshop for someone who had no SIDRA software experience at all, thank you.
I think the workshop provided lots of good information. The instructors were very knowledgeable and I liked the examples used from other countries. I do feel however that the course should have been a day longer only because there was a lot of information to cover in two days. I enjoyed the course, thanks.
A very comprehensive and well-run course offering good level of content and support during exercises.
Very worthwhile training experience which will inevitably increase our design capability at the office.
The SIDRA software turned out to be a lot more comprehensive, useful and intuitive than I was expecting it to be. I was most impressed!
Simple, clear and concise. Nice work!
Very well presented and taught. Instructors had sound knowledge and taught it very well.
I benefited greatly by attending the workshop. Examples selected were relevant to my use of the program and covered a good range of situations that I might have to analyze in the future.
Good content and tips for modelling.
Workshop was excellent and very beneficial. I can now assess intersections using SIDRA with confidence.
Good balance of instruction and practical application.
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