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Benefits of upgrading to the NETWORK model level

SIDRA INTERSECTION is available in two versions offering the same functionality, with the main difference being the number of Sites you can model.

  • SI-9.1 PLUS - model one or two intersections
  • SI-9.1 NETWORK - model up to 50 intersections

In SIDRA INTERSECTION, modelling of more than two connected Sites in a Network requires using a NETWORK model level licence. As the PLUS licence only allows modelling of two connected Sites, we offer PLUS licence holders the ability to upgrade to a NETWORK licence.

The need for modelling of more than two connected Sites is very common, for example, for modelling a road corridor, an interchange with a nearby intersection, a pair of wide-median intersections, and so on.

Network Templates of various alternative intersections and interchanges are available in SI-9.1 and many of them require a combination of more than two Sites in a Network. For example, the Continuous Flow Intersection Template requires up to five Signal Sites.

NETWORK model level

  • allows users to model a Network up to 50 Sites (no limit on the number of Networks modelled), and
  • is recommended for modelling alternative intersections and interchanges, including many Network Templates available in the software.

How to Upgrade

SIDRA INTERSECTION PLUS licence holders have the option to upgrade to a NETWORK licence. Follow the link below to log in to your STORE Account and see what licences are available for upgrade on your Purchase UPGRADE page.

Upgrading a 1PC Licence

In order to activate a NETWORK UPGRADE licence enter in the Licence ID and Password into the installed version of SIDRA INTERSECTION software.

Ensure this is the same major version for which you purchased the upgrade.

For example, if you purchased a SIDRA INTERSECTION 9.1 NETWORK UPGRADE, enter your new credentials into the installed version of SIDRA INTERSECTION 9.1.

Upgrade from older versions to the latest version is not available. If you wish to use the latest version of our software, a new licence will need to be purchased.

Once you have purchased an upgrade, the PLUS licence will no longer be available for use as this will be replaced by the NETWORK licence.

Any remaining COVER on your PLUS licence will be cancelled and you will be issued with a new NETWORK licence with 12 months COVER.

New FLOATING Licence holders must contact us.

SIDRA INTERSECTION Version 9.1.4 is now available. Learn more..