Inspect Output with Ease

Aerial photograph of road

Obtain various text output including trip statistics, sums of statistics for a given number of trips, and detailed statistics per drive-cycle element:

  • Trip Assessment,
  • Speed,
  • Cost (Operating or User),
  • Fuel Consumption,
  • Emissions (CO2, CO, HC, NOx),
  • Noise.

Diagnostic function will identify unreliable data. Warning messages and detailed information about data quality will appear in text output windows.


The following dynamic graphs for cumulative (total) and instantaneous (per unit time) values of various parameters are available:

  • Motion Graphs (Distance, Speed, Acceleration, Jerk, Average Speed),
  • Fuel Graphs (Fuel Consumption Total, Fuel Consumption Time Rate, Fuel Economy),
  • Emission Graphs (CO2 Total, CO2 Time Rate, CO Total, CO Time Rate, HC Total, HC Time Rate, NOx Total, NOx Time Rate),
  • Cost Graphs (Cost Total, Cost Time Rate),
  • Energy-Related Graphs (Energy Total, Power, Tractive Force),
  • Noise Graphs (ASJ 2003 Japanese, SonRoad Swiss, RLS 90 German),
  • Miscellaneous Graphs (Loop).


  • Animate the movement of a vehicle as defined in the trip profile with dynamic graphs linked to the vehicle movement.
  • Animate driving on the left-hand and right-hand side of the road.

Printing, Copying and Saving Output

Text output and graphs can be printed:

  • directly using the associated Print function (standard Windows printing facilities apply), or
  • by copying and pasting into a word processing (e.g. Microsoft Word) or graphics (e.g. Microsoft Paint) file.

You can save the HTML-based text output as separate files suitable for viewing with web browsers. You can also save simulation data in csv, txt or xml format.


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