User interface enhancements for improved workflow

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User Interface

Many new user interface enhancements for improved workflow have been added to SIDRA INTERSECTION 9:

  • Map Extract tool to create new Sites from map data.
  • Graphical Interactive Offsets function using Time-Distance displays for the user to modify Offsets towards achieving two-way signal progressions.
  • Two-way Time-Distance displays with different orientation options.
  • Enhanced Signal Offset calculations with continuous movements.
  • Pedestrian Crossing (Unsignalised), also called "Zebra Crossing", introduced as applicable to unsignalised Slip / Bypass lanes (available for all Site types) and midblock locations (available as a new Site type to replace the Zebra Crossing template in previous versions).
  • Software Info section introduced in the File tab.
  • New tab and ribbon structure:
    • Network and Route tabs combined.
    • Separate output tabs for Sites, Networks, Routes and Network Sites.
  • New Project Pane Structure:
    • Folders to group Sites, Networks and Routes.
    • Routes belonging to each Network appearing under the Network in a tree structure.
    • SITES & CCGs IN NETWORK / ON ROUTE sections indicating CCGs and their Sites in a tree structure.
    • Colour strips to the left of the Site Name and Network Name in the SITES and NETWORKS sections of the Project Pane indicating the Diagnostics status.
  • Optional separate Display Panes for Site / Network/ Route / Tools tabs allow control of a large number of reports and displays under the relevant tabs.
  • The Settings tab has been renamed as the Manage tab and includes much enhanced dialogs for setting Customise Output (Site, Network, Route), Displays (Approach, Movement, Lane), Site Output (Detailed Output, Volume Displays), Interface and Layout options. Customise Output allows the user to control output sections (choose to include or not) and define Page Breaks in output reports and displays.
  • Category Setup facility under the Tools tab.
  • Sequences tab of the Phasing & Timing dialog modified to allow Multiple Sequence
  • Import Phase Sequence: Phase Sequence can be imported from another Site.
  • Quick Input for Site, Network and Route data extended with new options.
  • Reset to Defaults function for Network Analysis Settings.
  • Delete Network with Sites option introduced.
  • Export Site and Export Network functions added to make copies of selected Sites and Networks in a new Project the function creates.
  • Option to open the default in-dialog displays automatically in Site and CCG input dialogs.
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