Extensive output reports and displays

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For better insights into design and operations performance

SIDRA INTERSECTION 9 features enhanced output reports and displays for better insights into design and operations performance:

  • New in Version 9.02 - Displayed timings for vehicle and pedestrian movements were introduced in the Movement Timing display including presentation of timings reduced due to Pedestrian Actuation, Minor Phase Actuation and Phase Frequency specifications. The improved display visualises the timing data given in tables included in the Timing Analysis and Pedestrian Analysis reports.
  • PDF Output function to save the output reports and displays in a PDF report.
  • Roundabout layout displays allow variable size according to the Central Island Diameter size.
  • Roundabout layout displays can show elliptical roundabout shapes when Central Island Diameter sizes differ for different approaches (subject to some exceptions).
  • Layout displays allow Strip Island connections as specified by the user in the Lane Geometry dialog.
  • Layer order in Network layout pictures to control vertical position of roads specified by right clicking the connection arrows and connection bars in the Network Configuration dialog.
  • Approach Displays, Lane Displays, Movement Displays, Lane Flows, Movement Flows displays available for Sites, Networks and Routes consistently.
  • Input Volumes added to all Movement Flows displays and to the Movement Summary report for single Site analysis.
  • Queue Analysis report introduced.
  • Pedestrian Analysis report introduced.
  • Fuel, Emissions & Cost report introduced. Vehicle Operating Cost and Time Cost in addition to the Total Cost are reported in the Detailed Output report.
  • Multiple Sequence Analysis report introduced.
  • Timing Analysis report enhanced significantly with detailed information on Pedestrian Actuation and Phase Actuation analyses.
  • Critical Movements shown in the Movement Summary report.
  • New CCG reports and displays showing all CCG Sites in the same report or display. These include Movement Summary report and all displays except Lane LOS, Movement Displays in Classic format, Demand and Arrival Flows.
  • Enhanced Saturation Flows reports.
  • Roundabout Circulating Flows display includes Movement Class details.
  • Exit distances for external exits added to the Approach Distances display for Networks.
  • Numerous other improvements to Site, Network and Route output reports and displays.

Movement Timing - Displayed Timings
(New in Version 9.02)

CO2 Emission - Movement Display for a Route

Total carbon dioxide emission (kg/h)

Lane Level of Service for a Site


Delay (Control) - Movement Display for a Site

Average control delay per vehicle, or average pedestrian delay (seconds)

Signal Coordination - Lane Display for a Network

Arrival Type and Platoon Ratio per lane

Download SVG

Queue Distance (Percentile) - Approach Display for a Site

Largest 95% Back of Queue for any lane on the approach (metres)
(Colour code by Queue Storage Ratio)

Pedestrian Analysis Report for a Traffic Signal Site

Fuel, Emissions and Cost Report for a Network Site

Multiple Sequence Analysis Report for a Traffic Signal Site

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