Powerful signal timing analysis

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Signal timings from simple to complex signal phasings // For any intersection and network geometry


Signal timing analysis methods in SIDRA INTERSECTION cover an extensive area of application including single intersections and networks (cycle time, green splits and offsets), pretimed, SCATS-like EQUISAT, actuated and semi-actuated signals, variable phasing, pedestrian and minor vehicle phase actuation (phase skipping), turn on red, yield-controlled and continuous bypass lanes, and so on.

The SIDRA INTERSECTION network model uses lane-based signal platoon movements to determine second-by second arrival and departure flow patterns as a function of signal offsets for signal coordination assessment.

SIDRA INTERSECTION Version 9 includes tools to enable calibration for local conditions and presents many detailed signal timing output reports and displays.


Network timing for signal coordination involves Network Cycle Time and Site Phase Time calculations as well as Signal Offsets calculated for Routes defined by users. Network Cycle Time, Site Phase Times and Signal Offsets can be specified by the user. Signal timings for Common Control Groups (CCGs), i.e. several signalised intersections operating under one signal controller, are calculated using a unique method that treats each CCG as a single entity.

Interactive Offsets function allows the user to modify Offsets manually towards achieving desired two-way signal progressions.

Displayed signal timings for vehicle and pedestrian movements

There is a useful feature in SIDRA INTERSECTION which is an option to show "displayed signal timings" for vehicle and pedestrian movements in the Movement Timing display. These are signal timings (red, green, yellow, flashing don't walk) as drivers see them as opposed to "effective timings" used in performance calculations. The improved display visualises the timing data given in tables included in the Timing Analysis and Pedestrian Analysis reports (see image below). Blue box in the timing bar indicates the effect of pedestrian actuation or minor phase actuation for vehicles.

SIDRA INTERSECTION is now available! New in Version 9.1