Signal timings from simple to complex signal phasings

Traffic Signal Ped

Signal Timings

Signal timings from simple to complex signal phasings. For any intersection and network geometry.

Network Signal Timing

Network timing for signal coordination involves Network Cycle Time and Site Phase Time calculations as well as Signal Offsets calculated for Routes defined by users.

Built on strong research foundations

SIDRA was first developed implementing Dr Rahmi Akçelik’s well-known Research Report -
ARR 123 (Traffic Signals: Capacity and Timing Analysis)

Interactive Offsets function

SIDRA INTERSECTION 9 introduced an Interactive Offsets function to graphically fine-tune two-way progressions quickly and easil

Signal Platoon Movements

SIDRA INTERSECTION uses lane-based second-by-second arrival and departure flow patterns as a function of Signal Offsets to model signal platoons for internal approaches of Sites in coordinated signal systems and Common Control Groups.

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