Powerful new traffic model features, for improved analytical outcomes

Aerial photograph of road

Model Improvements 

Powerful new traffic model features have been added to SIDRA INTERSECTION 9 for improved analytical outcomes:

  • Progression of vehicle platoons using continuous lanes at multiple unsignalised and signalised Sites between two signalised Sites.
  • Unsignalised (Zebra) Pedestrian Crossing on Slip Lanes.
  • Staged pedestrian crossings with selectable elements (approach or exit side crossing can be specified as not existing).
  • Merge Model for exit short lanes at any type of intersection with Priority Merge and Zipper Merge.
  • Model for U-turn before intersection.
  • Short Lane Model calibration
  • Option to exclude Saturation Flow estimation for user-specified saturation flows ("Apply Saturation Flow Estimation" checkbox).
  • Option to exclude lane blockage effects on capacity reduction in Network analysis.
  • Multiple Phase Sequence analysis in Site timing calculations.
  • Variable Sequence selection criteria enhanced.
  • Pedestrian Timing input enhanced by introducing the Clearance 1 parameter for Pedestrian Timing calculations.
  • Efficiency Parameters including Desired Speed by Movement Class for Sites, Networks and Routes with enhanced modelling of Speed Efficiency, Congestion Coefficient and Travel Time Index parameters.
  • Continuous movement (uninterrupted flow) model enhanced and detailed performance estimates included in output.
  • Midblock Effective Detection Zone Length parameter in Site parameter Settings dialog for use in the continuous movement (uninterrupted flow) model.
  • Gap Acceptance Factor, Opposing Vehicle Factor and Passenger Car Equivalent defaults for the Light Rail / Trams Movement Class are changed (increased) to the same values as Large Trucks.

Zebra Crossing on Slip Lanes

Unsignalised (Zebra) Pedestrian Crossing on Slip Lanes (Left-Hand Traffic).

Merge Model

Merge Model for exit short lanes at any type of intersection with Priority Merge and Zipper Merge (Right-Hand Traffic).

U-turn before Intersection

Model for U-turn before intersection (Right-Hand Traffic).
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