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Update Version 9.0.3

Release Date: 05 October 2020

This update for SIDRA INTERSECTION has a large number of enhancements and bug fixes, including an improvement to the Wide-Median Intersection Network template.

Read support article - Update: SIDRA INTERSECTION 9

Wide-Median Intersection Network template improvement

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Version 9.0.3 update includes:

  • Improvements to the User Guide and Help System.
  • Improved operation of tabs so that the current Output tabs remain visible when switching to the Tools or Manage tabs. This makes it quicker to move between the Tools or Manage tab and the Output tabs.
  • Added the Site ID and Site Name to the Network Site image's right-click menu in the Network Configuration dialog. This helps when configuring large Networks.
  • The Wide-Median Intersection Network template has been improved.
  • Several improvements were made to the Output to PDF function when the "separate file" option is used. These include prevention of overwriting existing PDF files when multiple files are generated with the same name, prevention of selecting options that would lead to an empty filename and better handling of filename generation when the Site names include the slash or backslash character.
  • Improvements to error checking for Exit Short Lane specifications.
  • When a Network folder is selected, all buttons in the Route Output ribbon are now disabled. Previously, these buttons could be clicked but did not do anything.
  • Phase Sequence Name has been added for each Site / CCG in the Network Signal Phase Timings report.
  • Demand Flows (and also Arrival Flows for CCG cases) have been added to the Multiple Sequence Analysis report.
  • Added new API function to move Site / Network to another folder.
  • Quick Input is now available for all Lane Colour and Lane ID options.
  • Minor improvement to the Pedestrian Signal Timing Display.
  • Various bug fixes.

Update Version 9.0.2

Release Date: 16 July 2020

This update has a large number of enhancements and bug fixes. A useful feature added in this update is the option to show "displayed signal timings" for vehicle and pedestrian movements in the Movement Timing display. These are signal timings (red, green, yellow, flashing don't walk) as drivers see them as opposed to "effective timings" used in performance calculations. The improved display visualises the timing data given in tables included in the Timing Analysis and Pedestrian Analysis reports (see image below). Blue box in the timing bar indicates the effect of pedestrian actuation or minor phase actuation for vehicles.

Read support article - Update: SIDRA INTERSECTION 9

Displayed signal timings for vehicle and pedestrian movements

Version 9.0.2 update includes:

  • Significant improvements to the User Guide and Help System.
  • Improved access to Map Extract User Guide.
  • Displayed timings for vehicle and pedestrian movements were introduced in the Movement Timing display including presentation of timings reduced due to Pedestrian Actuation, Minor Phase Actuation and Phase Frequency specifications.
  • Set better phase sequence names when Map Extract and Site Convert are used.
  • Improvements to Network Diagnostics.
  • Improved method for specifying range limits for User Speed Efficiency in the Network Data dialog, Settings tab.
  • Extra Phase Sequence options added to Signalised Diamond Interchange Network Templates.
  • Arrows in Network Project Tree remain visible regardless of mouse cursor position to assist users to identify which Networks have Routes defined.
  • New functions introduced in API for removing Site / Network / Route Output data.
  • The improved display visualises the timing data in the Timing Analysis and Pedestrian Analysis reports.
  • Improvements to various output reports.
  • Improved reporting of continuous movements and lanes in the Roundabout Analysis Report and in Roundabout tables in the Detailed Output.
  • Improvements to Site Layout pictures.
  • Improvements to some error messages.
  • Set a consistent lower limit of 0.1 for all End Departures and Minimum Capacity parameters in the program.
  • Python Sample Programs modified so that they will work when both Version 8 and Version 9 are installed on the one computer.
  • Improved folder browsing in the Output to PDF dialog.
  • Many more enhancements and various bug fixes.
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