Online Training Guide

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Additional instructions for our attendees

This page provides confidential instructions for the attendees of our online training programs.

General Instructions

These instructions apply to both online training programs:


We recommend using two monitors to view the presentation and training book at the same time:

  • Monitor 1: Webex set to a full screen size or a large enough size to clearly see all of the Presenter's screen.
  • Monitor 2: PDF viewer to view the Training Book for exercises. Alternatively, you may print out the Training Book for your convenience.

Monitor 1: Webex full screen

You can double-click the presenter’s shared screen in the Webex window to make it full screen, or go to the View menu on the top -> Full Screen. For example, the Monitor 1 that shows the Webex might look like:

Recommended Setup for Model Fundamentals Monitor 1

Monitor 2: PDF viewer to view the Training Book

Recommended Setup for Model Fundamentals Monitor 2


For hands-on experience with the SIDRA examples, you need to see the Presenter's screen and your copy of the Training Book, and use the SIDRA INTERSECTION software on your computer simultaneously.
We recommend the setup using two monitors as shown below:

  • On Monitor 1, access the SIDRA INTERSECTION software using the remote Virtual Computer, and
  • On Monitor 2, view the Presenter's Screen and your copy of the Training Book.
    A separate book is provided for each training Module.

During presentations, you will see one of the following on Presenter's Screen:

  • a PowerPoint presentation, or
  • SIDRA INTERSECTION software used by the Presenter, or
  • the Presenter's copy of the Training Book.

Recommended Setup

Recommended Setup for Introduction to SIDRA


Links to download your Training Books will be sent to you via email before the training sessions.

Follow the Presenter's screen during the session. The exercise questions will be on the Presenter's screen. Use the Training Book for information that will help you to work through the exercises.

Links to download your Answers to Exercises Books will be sent to you after you complete the training program.


We will send you links to download your Training Books via email. Please copy them to your local computer and open them from there during the training lessons.

You may wish to print the example pages of your Training Books as these may be easier to use while you are following the Presenter during example sessions.

How to ask for support during training

We will have support staff live on Webex chat during the sessions to help attendees with any questions or issues. Follow the steps below to get help.

1. Send a chat message to the Webex participant “SIDRA”:

Click the Chat button at the bottom right of the Webex window.

Webex Chat Button

In the To drop down list, choose the participant “SIDRA”, and then write a message to SIDRA.

Webex Send Message To

2. Our staff will move you out from the main meeting to a Helper breakout session.

3. Click the Join now button (shown below) to join to the breakout session. Please note that once you are in the breakout session, you will not be able to watch or listen to the presentation that is happening in the main meeting.

Webex Breakout Session

4. A Helper will communicate with you through audio. Please unmute yourself when you are in a breakout session.

5. You may need to share your computer screen to the Helper in the breakout session so that the Helper can assist you.

  • To share your screen, click the Share button at the bottom of the Webex window.
  • You will see the setting pop-up below. Keep the top option as Optimize for text and image, select the screen where you are viewing the presentation. In the example case below, it is Screen 1.

Webex Share Screen

6. After your query is addressed, we will move you back to the main meeting where you can continue watching the presentation. Please mute yourself when you are in the main meeting.

We have compiled a list of housekeeping rules to ensure our training session runs smoothly for all attendees:

15-30 Minutes prior to session start

  • Close anything you don’t need on your computer.
  • Check your headset audio and microphone are working.
  • We will open access to the meeting 30 minutes prior to start time so attendees can join early.
  • Have your training material ready.

Please do not message the Presenter

  • The presenter will be focussed on teaching.
  • We have allowed for a short Q&A session at the end of each module. You may post your questions by messaging "SIDRA" privately. These will then be answered by one of the presenters, time permitting.
  • If you have technical issues, please message SIDRA privately via Webex chat. Our support staff can help you via private chat.

Audio during the session

  • For a smooth presentation, we ask participants to remain muted. Moderators may mute microphones if they are left on during the presentation.

Roll call

  • As this is a paid event, we will be checking in with attendees on the day as part of a roll call and need to be able to match your full name against the ticket purchased for the session.

We also encourage any follow-up questions. Please send them via this form.

Virtual Computer

These instructions apply to the INTRODUCTION TO SIDRA program only. Please access the Virtual Computer we have allocated to you using Remote Desktop Connection as soon as possible.

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