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Free Upgrades at the time of a new Version release

Customers with valid COVER at time of release will be given a free upgrade from Version 7 to Version 8. If you have been issued a SIDRA INTERSECTION free upgrade, a new Licence ID number for the new product will be included and is viewable under Order history in your STORE ACCOUNT. This new Licence ID number is required to activate your new free upgrade licence.

Instructions for online purchase

To purchase SIDRA SOLUTIONS software, select the product/licence type from the drop-down menu,
change the quantity if required, then click ADD TO CART.

Representatives and Resellers in your region

If required, please feel free to contact a Representative or Reseller in your region to assist you with your purchase.


There are two SIDRA INTERSECTION licence types according to the level of network model functionality allowed as described below:

The "PLUS" licence holders will only be able to model Networks with two Sites (intersections). This is available for Professional licences only.

The "NETWORK" licence holders will be able to model Networks with up to 20 Sites (intersections) for Professional licences and up to 6 Sites (intersections) for Educational licences. The Enterprise licence incorporates "NETWORK" model functionality. Please contact our sales office for a quote.

The "NETWORK" licence type should not be confused with a network-wide software licence! The use of the term "NETWORK" applies to traffic model functionality only.

Thus, SIDRA INTERSECTION Professional licences are described as "PLUS / 1PC", "NETWORK / 1PC" and "NETWORK / ENTERPRISE", and Educational licences are described as "EDU NETWORK / 1PC" and "EDU NETWORK / ENTERPRISE".

Read more here

Licence Types - SIDRA TRIP

A SINGLE licence allow installing and using the software on a single computer is available for SIDRA TRIP.

An ENTERPRISE licence is also available for large Professional and Educational organisations.

Read more here


A licence to upgrade from your existing SIDRA INTERSECTION 8 PLUS/1PC licence to a NETWORK/1PC licence is available at a low price. This NETWORK UPGRADE/1PC licence allows modelling of up to 20 intersections. To purchase this upgrade, click here and log in to your STORE Account to access the PURCHASE UPGRADE page which will list all available upgrades.

Renewing COVER

COVER is essential support (maintenance) for your licence. It entitles you to receive free upgrades to major new software version releases, priority technical support and discounts to some training workshops. Free 12 month COVER is given for all new software purchases. To renew your COVER online, click here and log in to your STORE Account to access the RENEW COVER page which will list all existing licences eligible for renewal.

Educational Licences

We offer an Educational Version of our software to Educational Institutions for teaching and research purposes. To purchase software for your Educational Institution, simply complete and submit this EDUCATIONAL ORDER FORM.

SIDRA INTERSECTION 8 "NETWORK" Educational Licence holders will be able to model Networks up to 6 Sites (intersections).

All SIDRA INTERSECTION 8 Educational Licence holders will receive 12 months free COVER. At the end of the 12 month period, the software will stop working unless COVER is renewed.

We also offer an Education Version of SIDRA TRIP.

To purchase SIDRA INTERSECTION or SIDRA TRIP for your Educational Institution, simply complete and submit this EDUCATIONAL ORDER FORM and incorporate these great software packages as part of your curriculum today!

Please read How To Apply For an Educational Licence for more information.

Prices & Currency

All Prices are in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS (AUD) effective from 24 April 2018 (prices are subject to change). If you are making the payment from outside of Australia, you may wish to use this Currency Converter as an approximate guide only, to see how much the AUD amount will be converted back to. The conversion is made using mid-market rates.

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Prices are ex-GST (GST applies to Australian Customers only).

US Government agencies: Payment in US Dollars may be acceptable upon application. This is for US Government agencies only. A service fee will be applicable. Please contact our sales office to find out if you are eligible.

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