"I am overall satisfied with SIDRA INTERSECTION and technical support. It is very useful in my daily work as a traffic engineer and consultant."
Jenny Persson / Asplan Viak AS

"I have been there since the beginning and I am proud to work with such competent people."
Claude Beaupre / Consultant

"SIDRA INTERSECTION 5.1 is generally realistic."
Jonas Makala
WSP SA Civil and Structural Engineers (Pty) Ltd

"SIDRA INTERSECTION has long been a very useful tool in the analysis of intersections, which has been vital for future planning of the Shoalhaven's continued anticipated growth."
Brett Williams / Shoalhaven City Council

"SIDRA INTERSECTION is a valued program in my traffic assessments for potential land use development."
Terry Keating / TPK & ASSOCIATES

"SIDRA INTERSECTION is by far the most reliable modelling tool for roundabouts."
Sudhir Murthy / TrafInfo Communications, Inc.

"Thanks very much for the Beginner Level training, it will be most useful. SIDRA INTERSECTION is a tool I enjoy using and makes life a little easier."
Adam Martelli / RTA

"SIDRA INTERSECTION is very very useful."
Reza Sunggiardi / Pamintori

"I have used SIDRA in USA, Asia and Australia for 20 years. It has continually improved and over the past six years I have found it extremely useful for analysis of roundabouts in California, Arizona, Oregon and Washington. It is quick and easy to use accurately and my clients respect the results."
Kevin Fehon / DKS Associates

"A great tool to enable students to undertake project work on live intersections as part of the academic syllabus"
Tom Mckune / Durban University of Technology

"I have been using SIDRA for the past 8 years and found all versions are intuitive and the output are very useful and concise for reporting."
Robert Kwok / Worley Parsons

"SIDRA is still our standard for roundabout analysis because of its solid basis in gap acceptance theory that has shown to be more reliable in the USA than empirical models based in other countries. "
James Dunlop / NCDOT

"I have found SIDRA INTERSECTION to be a very reliable, versatile and effective tool for analysing intersection performance. The ability to calibrate the model to accurately represent existing intersection characteristics has been of significant benefit for both intersection design and future planning purposes."
Rob Day / RTA (NSW)

"I have found SIDRA to be a valuable tool to assist in traffic analysis; the model is able to reflect existing operating site conditions accurately and this in turn gives confidence in the SIDRA predictions for future traffic scenarios when assessing project proposals. The professional support from the SIDRA Team adds value to a user friendly product."

"I have found SIDRA to be very useful in my line of work, always learning new way to do things."
Daniel Telford / O'Donnell QLD Dept of Transport and Main Roads

"I was introduced to SIDRA in 2001 and attended the Sept 2002 SIDRA 2.1 course in Auckland. In the last 6 months I have used the modelling software approx 10 hours/week. I find it an extremely effective in analysing alternatives and use the capacity and performance characteristics such as delay, queue lengths in economic roading studies. (You still have to carry out on-site queue length and delay studies to calibrate the model.)"

Tom Thompson / Opus Consultants

"Having taught them the theory, we use SIDRA to introduce students to practical aspects of trying out different intersection configurations. As well as being the industry standard in this part of the world for isolated intersection analysis, SIDRA is very straightforward for students to get the hang of. This makes it a logical choice as a teaching tool."
Dr Glen Koorey / University of Canterbury

"Sidra is a wonderful tool for assessing individual intersections"
Edmond Platon / RTA

"When our agency was tasked to perform a benefit/cost analysis for nearly twenty projects within a months' time, we did not know of any software that could help us. When we were informed of SIDRA software and how it could be applied to our tasks, we immediately used the available trial version, and completed our tasks within a three-week timeframe. I'm sold on the software, and I'm encouraging the North Carolina Department of Transportation to partner with the other metropolitan planning organizations throughout the state to purchase SIDRA under one contract to allow statewide usage."
Kenneth Withrow / North Carolina Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization

"Have used SIDRA for over 15 years now. Generally technical problems in the past have been responded to quickly and efficiently. Rahmi and Mark know their stuff."
David Young / Arup

"I have been using various versions of SIDRA over the past 20 years. It is an invaluable tool for roundabout performance analysis and design. It also gives me a great deal of confidence when designing complex signalized intersections."
Kevin Fehon / DKS Associates

"I thoroughly enjoy working with the new Sidra 5 Version and find that the traffic engineering tasks are easier to complete with the new product. Thanks to the team at SIDRA SOLUTIONS."
Bertie Phillips / Kantey & Templer

"It is the best software for a traffic engineer like me. With your help I resolve the most complicated analysis."
Claude Beaupre / Consultant

"SIDRA continues to be my model of chioice for intersection analysis and comparison."
Warren Lloyd / ViaStrada

"SIDRA INTERSECTION is a very powerful and useful tool for experienced traffic engineers. Its reputation is often tarnished when not used correctly, i.e. when a calibrated base model reflecting current observations is not created. It is user friendly for experienced traffic engineers, especially with reference to the detailed manuals provided. Unfortunately, in large organisations, SIDRA modelling is often assigned to graduates with little knowledge or experience on real life observations and traffic behaviour. The three 'C's to successfull modelling are "Calibrate" "Calibrate" and "Calibrate"."
David Wilkins / i3 consultants WA

"SIDRA leads the way! It is easy to use and adaptable to local conditions. The output can easily be used in reports. I would recommend SIDRA to all traffic engineers!"
Liesel Vogel / EFG Engineers

"SIDRA provides reliable results and presents the results in formats that are great for public understanding and for including within design reports. SIDRA provides a very simple, quick and understandable way to analyze nearly all intersection types - especially roundabouts."
Howard Mcculloch / NE Roundabouts

"The technical team from SIDRA SOLUTIONS have been a fantastic resource for assistance over the past 3 years that I have worked with them. Assistance is on hand whenever one needs it and the explanations provided are clear and really help the user to understand the procedures involved."
Anthony Fichera / GHD

"User friendly, combines a sound theoretical background with results verified in the field."
Argiris Mamais / Athens international airport (ATH)


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