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A major new version of our flagship software is due for release very soon! 
Click the links above to learn more about SIDRA INTERSECTION 9.



We will demonstrate SI-9 features during these upcoming VERSION 9 UPDATE Workshops in Australia. Be quick, some early bird ticket discounts are available for a limited time and limited allocation.

10 Aug 2020 - Melbourne
18 Sep 2020 - Perth
30 Oct 2020 - Sydney
20 Nov 2020 - Brisbane

COVER Renewal for Version 8 users

For owners of Version 8, please ensure your COVER is up to date in order to receive your free version of this exciting new release at time of release.

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Analyse large networks of up to 50 Sites

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In Version 9, the maximum number of Sites per Network has been increased from 20 to 50 Sites, greatly expanding the ability of SIDRA INTERSECTION to easily configure and analyse large complex Networks.

  • contra-flow lanes are allowed;
  • it is easy to clone and modify Networks to test alternative treatments.

SIDRA INTERSECTION is available in two versions offering exactly the same functionality, with the only difference being the number of Sites you can model

  • SI-9 PLUS - model one or two intersections;
  • SI-9 NETWORK - model up to 50 intersections.

Network of 7 X 7 Sites Large network with 50 SItes

Automatically create Sites using OpenStreetMap data

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The new Map Extract tool reduces Site setup time and effort by automatically creating new Sites from freely downloadable OpenStreetMap (OSM) data.

New Map Extract Tool in SIDRA INTERSECTION 9

Easily set up complex configurations using Network Templates

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Setting up complex intersection and interchange designs has been made simpler with a selection of Network Templates.

The Network Templates library includes:

  • Staged Crossing at Sign Control Intersections (3-way and 4-way)
  • Wide-Median Intersection
  • Staggered T-intersections (Left-Right and Right-Left)
  • Roundabout with Pedestrian Crossings
  • Fully Signalised Roundabout
  • Restricted Crossing U-Turn
  • Continuous Flow Intersection
  • Signalised Diamond Interchange
  • Double-Roundabout Interchange.
  • Diverging Diamond Interchange
  • Divergabout Interchange

Double Roundabout Interchange Template (Left-Hand Traffic) Signalised Diamond Interchange Template (Left-Hand Traffic) Partial Continuous Flow Intersection Template (Left-Hand Traffic)
Diverging Diamond Interchange Template (Right-Hand Traffic) Stagged T-intersection Template (Right-Hand Traffic)

Improved graphic capabilities for Site and Network layouts

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SIDRA INTERSECTION 9 features improved graphic capabilities that allow you to create more detailed Site and Network layouts for use in reports and presentations.

These include:

  • variable size and elliptical shapes for roundabouts
  • Strip Island connections and 
  • layer order for overpasses and underpasses.

Overpass (Left-Hand Traffic) Variable Size and Shape Roundabouts (Left-Hand Traffic) Connected Strip Islands in RCUT (Left-Hand Traffic)

New Interactive Offsets function

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SIDRA INTERSECTION 9 introduces a new Interactive Offsets function to graphically optimise two-way progression quickly and easily:

  • The new graphical Interactive Offsets function is an interactive tool that allows the user to adjust traffic signal offsets in Time-Distance displays towards achieving desirable two-way signal progressions.
  • The enhanced Time-Distance displays generate and display trajectories of vehicles on the Main Route and its Reverse Route for visualisation of two-way signal progressions for easy review. The Time-Distance displays can be also displayed with a vertical or horizontal orientation.

Time Distance Diagram for selected Route - Traffic Progression Route for Offset (Left-Hand Traffic)

Enhanced output reports and displays

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SIDRA INTERSECTION 9 features enhanced output reports and displays for better insights into design performance:

  • New and significantly enhanced Site, Network and Route output reports and displays including Queue Analysis, Pedestrian Analysis, Timing Analysis and Fuel Emissions & Cost.
  • Easily analyse and compare alternative traffic signal phasing schemes using the Multiple Sequence Analysis feature.
  • Approach Displays, Lane Displays, Movement Displays, Lane Flows, Movement Flows displays for Sites, Networks and Routes have been enhanced to be more intuitive and consistent.

CO2 Emission Display on a Route Enhanced Network Displays - Platoon Ratio by Lanes Report on Fuel Emissions and Cost of a Traffic Signal Site
Pedestrian Analysis Report of a Traffic Signal Site Report of Queue Analysis of a Site Report on Multiple Sequence Analysis of a Traffic Signal Site
Enhanced Movement Displays of Control Delay on a Traffic Signal Site Enhanced Lane LOS Display Graphic Display of Queue Analysis of a Site

Powerful new traffic model features

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Powerful new traffic model features, for improved analytical outcomes, have been added to Version 9:

  • Pedestrian Crossing (Zebra/Unsignalised) on Slip lanes.
  • Flexible Staged Pedestrian Crossings setup for analysis of novel staged crossing designs (approach or exit side crossing can be specified as not existing).
  • Merge Model for exit short lanes at any type of intersection with Priority Merge and Zipper Merge
  • Model for U-turn before intersection.
  • Continuous movement (uninterrupted flow) model with detailed performance estimates. Midblock Effective Detection Zone Length parameter in Site parameter Settings dialog used in the continuous movement model.
  • Short Lane Model calibration
  • Option to exclude lane blockage effects on capacity reduction in Network analysis.
  • Option to exclude Saturation Flow estimation for user-specified saturation flows.
  • Timing Analysis report enhancements with detailed information on Pedestrian Actuation and Phase Actuation analyses.
  • Multiple Phase Sequence analysis in Site timing calculations.
  • Variable Sequence selection criteria enhanced.
  • Clearance 1 parameter for Pedestrian Timing calculations.
  • Efficiency Parameters including Desired Speed by Movement Class for Sites, Networks and Routes with enhanced modelling of Speed Efficiency, Congestion Coefficient and Travel Time Index parameters.
  • Gap Acceptance Factor, Opposing Vehicle Factor and Passenger Car Equivalent defaults for the Light Rail / Trams Movement Class are changed (increased) to the same values as Large Trucks.

Zebra Crossing on Slip Lanes (Left-Hand Traffic) U-turn before Intersection (Right-Hand Traffic) Merge Model with Priority Merge and Zipper Merge Options (Right-Hand Traffic)
Flexible Staged Pedestrian Crossing (Left-Hand Traffic)

User interface enhancements for improved workflow

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Many new user interface enhancements for improved workflow have been added to SIDRA INTERSECTION 9:

  • Pedestrian Crossing (Zebra/Unsignalised) as a new Site type for midblock locations.
  • Time-Distance displays with two-way signal coordination.
  • Enhanced Signal Offset calculations with continuous movements.
  • User interface changes:
    • New tab and ribbon structure (Network and Route tabs combined; separate output tabs for Sites, Networks, Routes and Network Sites).
    • New Project Pane Structure (Folders to group Sites, Networks and Routes; Routes belonging to each Network appearing under the Network in a tree structure; SITES & CCGs IN NETWORK / ON ROUTE sections indicating CCGs and their Sites in a tree structure; colour strips to indicate the Diagnostics status).
  • New functions Export Site, Export Network, Delete Network with Sites, Import Phase Sequence.
  • PDF Output function to save the output reports and displays in a PDF report.
  • CCG reports and displays showing all CCG Sites in the same report or display.
  • New Category Setup facility under the Tools tab.
  • Manage tab with new Customise Output, Displays, Site Output, Interface and Layout dialogs. Customise Output allows the user to control output sections (choose to include or not) and define Page Breaks in output reports and displays.

New SI-9 User Interface and Folders

Other Software Updates

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Other updates for SIDRA INTERSECTION 9 include:

  • Database changed from SQL Compact to SQLite. A substantial reduction achieved in project file size (in the range 40% to 80% decrease for sip9 file compared with sip8 file).
  • New FLOATING licensing method introduced including NETWORK model capability for this type of licence.
  • VOLUMES utility updated for Version 9.

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