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Aim of this Package

This package is intended to be a part of a unit of study in an undergraduate course in Civil Engineering or similar discipline. Depending on the structure of the course, it will generally be included in a unit called Transport Engineering or Traffic Engineering.

The aim of the package is to teach the use of the SIDRA INTERSECTION software and the theoretical and empirical basis of the traffic models it employs. Through this, students will develop an understanding of the role of intersections in a road transport system and learn about the assessment of performance of intersections and networks of intersections, for the purposes of transport decision making, planning and design.

There are two packages available. For detailed information and contents:

How to Request this Package

  • Lecturers: If you are interested in receiving the SIDRA ACADEMIC PACKAGE and you are a lecturer at a University or Educational Institution, please complete the form in the section below. We will get in touch with you after you submit it.
  • Students: This package will not be issued to students as it is for teaching purposes only. We suggest that you to discuss acquisition of this package with your lecturer.

The package consists of extensive material for Lectures, Tutorials and Student Assignments in the form of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SIDRA INTERSECTION Project files.

We provide the SIDRA ACADEMIC PACKAGE free of charge. This package is for use in conjunction with the SIDRA INTERSECTION software. Your institution must hold an EDUCATIONAL software licence and renew COVER (subscription) annually for continued use of the software.

Any material supplied is copyright of SIDRA SOLUTIONS and is not to be distributed to any third party.

To contact us to provide feedback about this package or if you have general enquiries please visit:


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